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s <br />RWI UT ID 7ACATING STREET <br />SAS, petition of a majority of the Guners of redl property <br />$butting that portion of Drew Avenue lying South of W.55th Street and <br />lying between Lot One, (1), B lock Six (6) and Lot Five (5), Block <br />,F <br />Seven. (7), Woodbury .Park near Lake Harriet# has been duly ftlid. with <br />the Village Counts.; and Acid 'Council has met at, 'the €bw a* = plase <br />' specified in a notice duly published and pasted arse has - -' heard° all4. <br />interested persons, and it appears in the interest of the public th <br />said portion of said street be vacated, now therefore <br />BE IT(RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina <br />that that portion of Drew Avenue lying South of W.55th Street and lying <br />between Lot One, (1), Block Six 16) and Lot Five (5)s Block Seven (7), <br />Woodbury Park near Lake Harriet, and as the same is now dedicated and <br />.laid out within the corporate limits of said Village of Edina, is <br />hereby vacated. o <br />Dated this 10th day of November , 2. <br />A TEST : <br />r <br />Mayor <br />llags Clerk CU <br />CERTIFICATE OF DEPUTY VILLAGE CLERK <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA} <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) SS <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA ) rT1 � <br />5 <br />I, Gretchen S. Alden, duly appointed and acting Deputy Villa Cleric fob <br />the Village of Edina, County of Hennepin, Minnesota, do certify that I <br />have examined the Minutes of the proceedings of the Regular Meeting- of <br />the Edina Village Council held Monday, November 10 1952, and that the <br />above Resolution is a full, true, and correct copy of the Resolution <br />duly passed and adopted at said Meeting, as recorded by the Minutest <br />on file in my office. <br />WITNESS MY HAND and the Official Seal of the Village of Edina this, the <br />11th day of November, 1952. <br />x_ 1 Deputy Village Clerk <br />•y» 4 Y1 Y - <br />", Village of Edina, Minnesota <br />,� <br />t• . <br />� ,'4S ,,• w' t '� •" a , • <br />S R p <br />Filed for record on the 19 day of Nov A.D. 1952 at 3 o'clock P.M. <br />Anew <br />