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i <br />CERTIFIED COPY OF RESOLUTION <br />VACATING ALLEY <br />WHEREAS, a majority of the owners of the land abutting on the alley <br />hereinafter described, in the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, <br />Minnesota, have petitioned for the vacation of said alley; and <br />T- 11EREAS two weeks' published and posted notice of a hearing to be <br />had on said petition on July 2.8, 1952, at 7:30 P.M., has been given and. <br />made, and a hearing has been had thereon by the Village Council; <br />PdOYl, THEIZEFOR E, BE, IT RESOLVED by the Edina Village Council, Hennepin <br />County, Minnesota, that <br />The portion of the T -Alley in Block Seven, Harriet-Manor <br />Second Addition, which runs North and South, parallel to, <br />enith and York Avenues between "'.59th and 17.60th Stnwts,,, <br />is hereby vacated; provided that the Village of Edlna,�,- .. <br />excepts from this vacation proceeding and reserves -znt o f, <br />itself and its assigna an easement for all public tit =t <br />purposes, including, •-ithout limiting the general- natlure <br />of said reservation, an easement for electric, gas," <br />water and telephone equipment on, over, and under th(]L*6st <br />ten feet in width of the alley hereby vacated. <br />i�4 Ya <br />Passed the Edina Village Council this 28th day of July;"�k 952; <br />ATTEST: <br />(Signed) REUBEN F. ERICKSON <br />Signed) BUTER HA!,,JTHOI1JE Mayor <br />Village Clerk <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />COUNTY OF IiDZRTIT IN ) SS <br />VILI -AC;, OF EDITTA ) CERTIFICATE OF D.?.PIJTY VILLACE CLERK <br />I, Cretchen a. Alden, duly appointed and acting Deputy Village Clerk for <br />the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, do hereby certify that <br />I have compared the foregoing "Resolution Vacation Alley," and that the <br />above is a full, true and correct copy of the Resolution adopted by the <br />Edina Village Council at its Regular Council Meeting held Monday, July 2.8, <br />1952, and as recorded in the official minutes of the proceedings of said <br />Meeting. <br />'rITT3EW MY HAND :SID ME' OFFICIAI, SEAL OF TIC VILLAGE OF 1': � <br />DIt1A, th�.��, the:.`- <br />First day of August, 1952. <br />Deputy Village Clerk <br />Village of Edina, Minnesota <br />Filed for record on the 20 day of Aug A.D, 1952 at 3 :40 o'clock P.M. <br />