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STORM SEWER EASEMENT <br />WHEREAS, the undersigned Gaulka <br />and Au&lsta Roe- Gaulkw husband sad wits a re the owners of the.; <br />47 <br />4 <br />premises hereinafter describe l -situated in the - Village of Edina, County. <br />of Hennepin and State-of Minnesota., and <br />WHEREAS ,.,the undersigned are desirous of having a Storm Sewer constructed <br />and thereafter maintained for the service of their property <br />NOW, THEREFORE., in-oOnsideration of the premises and of the sum of One <br />Dollar ($1.00) to' us-Awhand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby aclmovledd'ea <br />we., the undersigned.. -herebjr give and grant tuxto the Til'Uge- of Edina,, a. <br />municipal corporation of the County of Hennepin and State of Minnesota. i' <br />perpetpal easement of the necessary width and depth for the construction, <br />installation., operation, maintenance and repair of a Stem' Sewer,, iii,,' <br />under,, over and upon the following described premises,, to wit: <br />South Ten (10) feet of Lot Forty-Nine (49) Auditoria <br />Subdivision Nmvber 172 <br />It is understood that said Storm Sewer will be constructed and thereafter <br />maintained as nearly, as may be in the location Upon Aid-premises establishod'' <br />by the engineer in charge of.-the construction of-vaid Storm Sewer,, and that <br />no :assessment will be made-against the We t One if of the Sout -Half <br />th One <br />of ` lot Forth-Nine (4,9) AuA# or! s SubdivI. 172 for the";' 'of <br />4K <br />said Stott Sewer* <br />IN TESTIMW WHEREOF, this <br />we have hereunto set our hands "y <br />of February 1947. <br />In presence oft <br />,PTATE, OF MINNESMA) <br />Ai <br />COUNTT OF.Hunagp1m) <br />of Feb�Hal. <br />On this 1947,� <br />0 bofe*pr <br />A <br />a Notary Public within and for said County,, personally appeared <br />F. Y. Gaulke and Augusta Uge GM1319 <br />To me known to be the persons described in and who executed the foregoing <br />easement and acknowledged that they executed the same as their free act and <br />deed. <br />AUX mlayiT6w <br />WOO Public, Hennepin County. U1#^ <br />MY C6�nmls81,00 Fxpi-es Doc. 9, IPS10 <br />