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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN <br />) SS <br />Brandi Botts being duly sworn on an oath, <br />states or affirms that he/she is the Publisher's <br />Designated Agent of the newspaper(s) known <br />as: <br />SC Edina <br />with the known office of issue being located <br />in the county of: <br />HENNEPIN <br />with additional circulation in the counties of: <br />HENNEPIN <br />and has full knowledge of the facts stated <br />below: <br />(A) The newspaper has complied with all of <br />the requirements constituting qualifica- <br />tion as a qualified newspaper as provided <br />by Minn. Stat. §331A.02. <br />(B) This Public Notice was printed and pub- <br />lished in said newspaper(s) once each <br />week, for 1 successive week(s); the first <br />insertion being on 12/26/2019 and the last <br />insertion being on 12/26/2019. <br />MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE NOTICES <br />Pursuant to Minnesota Stat. §580.033 <br />relating to the publication of mortgage <br />foreclosure notices: The newspaper complies <br />with the conditions described in §580.033, <br />subd. 1, clause (1) or (2). If the newspaper's <br />known office of issue is located in a county <br />adjoining the county where the mortgaged <br />premises or some part of the mortgaged <br />premises described in the notice are located, <br />a substantial portion of the newspaper's <br />circulation is in the latter county. <br />Designated Agent <br />Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before <br />me on 12/26/2019 by Brandi Botts. <br />)00,,ka-v(— tik <br />Notary Public <br />4 <br />DARLENE MARIE MACPHERSON <br />Notary Public <br />Minnesota <br />Commission Expires January 31, 2024 <br />0 <br />Rate Information: <br />(1) Lowest classified rate paid by commercial users <br />for comparable space: <br />$34.45 per column inch <br />Ad ID 1002974 <br />CITY OF EDINA <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2019-18 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING <br />CHAPTER 22 OF THE <br />EDINA CITY CODE <br />CONCERNING ACCESS <br />TO MULTI -UNIT HOUSING <br />STRUCTURES BY <br />UNITED STATES CENSUS <br />BUREAU EMPLOYEES <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF EDINA <br />ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. Chapter 22 of the <br />Edina City Code is amended by <br />adding Article 10 to provide as fol- <br />lows: <br />ARTICLE X. ACCESS TO MULTI- <br />UNIT HOUSING STRUCTURES BY <br />UNITED STATES CENSUS BU- <br />REAU EMPLOYEES <br />22-310. Declaration; Purpose. <br />(a) The United States Consti- <br />tution directs a decennial census <br />count of all persons living in the <br />United States. <br />(b) Complete, accurate census <br />data is of critical importance to all <br />residents of Edina for equal politi- <br />cal representation, fair distribution <br />of federal and state funding, and <br />sound planning and investment in <br />infrastructure, real estate, business <br />development, and public policy <br />and programming. <br />(c) During the decennial census, <br />the United States Census Bureau <br />conducts Non -Response Fol- <br />low-up Operations (NRFU), when <br />employees of the United States <br />Census Bureau visit households <br />that have not yet submitted a cen- <br />sus form. <br />(d) Renters and others who live <br />in multi -unit housing structures <br />have historically been at higher risk <br />of being undercounted in the de- <br />cennial census, with the number of <br />renter households in an area being <br />the most influential variable affect- <br />ing an area's census self- response <br />rate; in other words, the more rent- <br />ers in an area, the lower the self -re- <br />sponse rate of that area. <br />(e) The risk of an undercount <br />is compounded in areas with high <br />concentrations of communities <br />that have been consistently under- <br />counted in the past and who are <br />more likely to be renters, including <br />low-income households, commu- <br />nities of color, Native American/ <br />American Indian communities, im- <br />migrants and refugees, and young <br />people. <br />(f) Multi -unit housing structures <br />can be difficult for Census Bureau <br />employees to enter due to security <br />barriers. <br />(g) It is critical that Census Bu- <br />reau employees have access to <br />multi -unit housing structures during <br />the decennial census, so they can <br />reach households that have not yet <br />participated. <br />(h) 13 U.S. Code §7223 autho- <br />rizes Census Bureau employees <br />to access "any hotel, apartment <br />house, boarding or lodging house, <br />tenement, or other building". <br />22-311. It is unlawful for a per- <br />son, either directly or indirectly, to <br />deny access to an apartment build- <br />ing, dormitory, nursing home, man- <br />ufactured home park, other multi- <br />unit structure used as a residence, <br />or an area in which one or more sin- <br />gle-family dwellings are located on <br />private roadways, to employees of <br />the United States Census Bureau <br />who display current, valid Census <br />Bureau credentials and who are <br />engaged in official census counting <br />operations during the Census Bu- <br />reau's standard operational hours <br />of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (local <br />time) during the decennial census; <br />and Be It Further <br />22-312. Census Bureau em- <br />ployees granted access must be <br />permitted to leave census materials <br />in an orderly manner for residents <br />at their doors, except that the man- <br />ager of a nursing home may direct <br />that the materials be left at a central <br />location within the facility; and Be <br />It Further. <br />22-313. This ordinance does <br />not prohibit (1) denial of admittance <br />into a particular apartment, room, <br />manufactured home, or personal <br />residential unit; (2) denial of per- <br />mission to visit certain persons for <br />valid health reasons, in the case <br />of a nursing home or a Registered <br />Housing with Services Establish- <br />ment providing assisted -living <br />services meeting the requirements <br />of Minnesota Statutes, section <br />144G.03, subdivision 2; (3) limiting <br />visits to a reasonable number of <br />census employees; (4) requiring a <br />prior appointment or notification <br />to gain access to the structure; or <br />(5) denial of admittance to or expul- <br />sion of an individual employee from <br />a multi -unit housing structure for <br />good cause. <br />Section 2. This ordinance is <br />effective immediately upon its pas- <br />sage and publication. <br />First Reading: <br />December 3, 2019 <br />Second Reading: Waived <br />ATTEST: <br />Sharon Allison, City Clerk <br />James B. Hovland, Mayor <br />Published in the <br />Sun Current <br />December 26, 2019 <br />1002974 <br />