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Draft Minutes☐ <br />Approved Minutes☒ <br />Approved Date: January 16, 2020 <br />A motion was made by Commissioner Kane and seconded by Commissioner Olson to approve <br />the Traffic Safety Report with changes. All voted aye, motion carried. <br /> <br />Commissioner Erickson arrived at 6:26. <br /> <br />B. Draft Equity Criteria for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (PACS) Fund Projects <br />Planner Scipioni presented the draft equity criteria for PACS projects. Commissioners made the <br />following comments/recommendations: <br />• Consider prioritizing all facilities within busing limits of the schools rather than just those <br />recommended in the Active Routes to School Plan. <br />• Different criteria to prioritize pedestrian and bicycle facilities separately. <br />• Utilize income data rather than or in addition to race. <br />• Weight projects with cost sharing opportunities by percentage of the cost share. <br />• Consider percentage of adjacent residents that sign a petition. <br />• Include race/equity lens when selecting reconstruction areas. <br />• Add park distance to the Neighborhood characteristics. <br />• Community should be weighted the same as Neighborhood. <br />• Don’t alienate rich/less dense areas. <br />• Connections to other facilities should be weighted higher. <br />• Consider factors that account for ADT and/or roadway classifications. <br /> <br />C. Dockless Bicycle- and Scooter-Sharing Pilot Program Update <br /> Planner Scipioni presented an update on the bike and scooter sharing program. Commissioners made <br />the following comments/recommendations: <br />• Most motor vehicle operators prefer scooters on sidewalks and pedestrians prefer scooters <br />on roadways. <br />• A heat map of scooter usage could help the City prioritize infrastructure improvements. <br />• In future, the City should consider a regional approach rather than an exclusive agreement. <br />• What statistics exist on how many single-occupancy vehicle trips are eliminated by scooters? <br /> <br />D. West 72nd Street Pedestrian Safety Assessment Engagement Report <br />Planner Scipioni provided and update the W 72nd Pedestrian Safety Assessment. Commissioners made <br />the following comments/recommendations: <br />• Consider bigger Better Together yard signs that can be read by motorists. <br />• Consider installing multi-use paths on the south side of W 72nd St. <br /> <br />E. 2019 Work Plan Updates <br />• #1 TDM draft updated with input from developers, committee would like to schedule a <br />joint work session with City Council to present and discuss <br />• #4 Task Force to schedule a meeting in early 2020 <br />• #5 Staff presented, will be back with updates in January/February <br />• #6 Community health provided recommendation to Council <br />