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September 4, 2011 <br />Mayor Hovland <br />Councilperson Joni .Bennett <br />Councilperson Mary Brindle <br />Councilperson Josh Sprague <br />Councilperson Ann Swenson <br />4801. West 50'h <br />Edina, Minnesota 55439 <br />Ladies and Gentlemen: <br />Per previous presentations to the council and at the suggestion of Mayor Hovland, I have <br />met with the Staff Psychiatrist at the VA. and am submitting his letter of <br />recommendation for the use of my agility dogs as' a means of treatment for my medical <br />issues. He has suggested that any of you call him to confirm his opinion. He is familiar <br />with my case over a 30 year period and can advise you appropriately. He has provided <br />such letters to other councils for variances for such conditions. <br />When I previously appeared before the council. Councilperson Swenson had also <br />suggested such a course. <br />I have also included my previous letter of recommendation from my regular physician. <br />I am asking your reconsideration and approval`of the attached resolution for 4 dogs at this <br />time. <br />This provides the city with the opportunity to: <br />1. Support veterans with after service problems <br />2. Honor HUD requirements for Reasonable Accomodations in Housing <br />3. Allows me to pay for my medical. treatments instead of the having the <br />government pay for my issues. <br />Since r ly, <br />W e Carlson <br />523 Coventry Lane <br />Edina, Mn <br />5543 <br />