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803 <br />G�r <br />JUL 10-61 7 6 2 $ 0 <br />V� <br />OFFICE OF REGISTER OF DEEDS <br />STATE OF MINN�OTA <br />JOUNTY OF HENNEPIN <br />l hereby certifg that the within instrument <br />was filed for record in phis office on t/ts �d <br />IV d y o� JUL A. L 1961 it <br />o'cloc 'and toss duly recorde i� n Gook <br />Of Page <br />it <br />803 <br />I RANSFER ENTERED <br />JUL 1961 <br />ROBERT F. RSIM ONS, AUDITOR <br />,I NTY,' INN. <br />MTV <br />