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4 <br />THIS INSTRLWENT, Made this day of . 1961,• + <br />by and between 06,WILLIAM ANDERSON and EVELYN L. ATH MON, Hus and and Wife, � <br />parties of the first part, and the VILLAGE OF EDINA, a municipal under the <br />laws of the State of Minnesota, party of the second part; <br />k <br />WITNESSETH, That the said parties of the first part, in consider- <br />ation of One and N01100 (1.00) Dollars, to it in hand paid by the said <br />party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do <br />Grant, Bargain, Sell, Convey, and Warrant to said party of the second part <br />an Easement in perpetuity for utility, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and <br />drainage purposes, including the right to enter for the purpose of laying, <br />constructing, maintaining, altering., repairing and reconstructing such pipes <br />and systems as may be necessary or advisable for :use, thereof for said <br />purposes, in, under and over the following described property situate in <br />the County of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, to -wit: w DEED <br />Commencing at the intersection of the West line of Lot 5, - -- <br />Block 1, "Normandale ", extended South, with the centerline <br />of West 63rd Street, vacated, as dedicated �n the plat of <br />"Normandale "; thence East along satd centerline to its <br />intersection with the Southerly extension of the East line <br />of the West one_ -half of said Lot 5; thence North alongg <br />the Southerly extension of the East line of said West one- <br />half of said Lot 5, five feet; thence West parallel to and <br />five feet North of the said centerline of West 63rd Street] <br />vacated, to the intersection with the Southerly extension <br />of the West line of said Lot 5; thence South along the <br />Southerly extension of the West line of said Lot 5, to the <br />point of commencement, all according to the map or plat <br />thereof on file and of record in the office of the Register <br />of Deeds in and for Hennepin County, Minnesota. <br />It is the intention and agreement of the Parties hereto that the <br />party of the second part shall in the construction, or maintenance of said <br />pipes and systems replace any shrubs or sod removed by any excavation in <br />connection with such construction or maintenance work, in an nearly as <br />possible the same condition as before such excavation.. <br />i RANSFER ENTEREL <br />OCT 13 1961 <br />ROBERT F. F1-[zsjMMONS, ALWITA <br />HENNEPEPIN COUNTY, MINN. <br />�DEpl�1r . <br />