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DORSEY, OWEN, BARBER, MARQUART & WINDHORST <br />JAMES E.DORSEY 41889-1959) <br />DAVID E.BRONSON PETER DORSEY <br />KENNETH M.OWEN GEORGE P. FLANNERY <br />HUGH H.BARBER CURTIS L.ROY <br />DONALD WEST ARTHUR E.WEISBERG <br />WALDO F.MAROUART DUANE E.JOSEPH <br />JOHN W.WINDHORST JOHN W.JONES <br />HENRY HALLADAY JAMES S- VESSEY <br />JULE M.HANNAFORD CHARLES O.HOWARD <br />ARTHUR B.WHITNEY WILLIAM A.WHITLOCK <br />JOHN G.DORSEY THOMAS M.BROWN <br />RUSSELL W.LINDQUIST CORNELIUS D. MAHONEY <br />DAVID R.BRINK THOMAS S.ERICKSON <br />HORACE E. HITCH EDWARD J. SCHWARTZSAUER <br />VIRGIL H.HILL MICHAEL E. BRESS <br />ROBERT V. TARBOX PAUL G. ZERBY <br />DEFOREST SPENCER RAYMOND A. REISTER <br />ROBERT J.JOHNSON JOHN J.TAYLOR <br />MAYNARD B.HASSELOUIST DONALD R. HERBERT <br />LAW OFFICES <br />2400 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING <br />MINNEAPOLIS 2, MINNESOTA <br />FEDERAL 2 -3351 <br />September 12, 1961 <br />Village of Edina <br />4801 West 50th Street <br />Edina 24, Minnesota <br />ATTENTION: Mrs. Gretchen Alden, Village Clerk <br />Re: Lots 11 & 12, Block 1, Birchcrest Fourth Addition <br />Dear Mrs. Alden: <br />Enclosed please find a post card to the effect <br />that the Certificate of Title No. 333623 pertaining to <br />the above described property is now ready for delivery. <br />If you would like us to pick up same for you, please <br />execute and return the enclosed receipt card. Otherwise, <br />you should see to having the same picked up yourself. <br />Very truly yours, <br />DORSEY, OWEN, BARBER, MARQUART & WINDHORST <br />By <br />Morton L. Shapiro <br />MLS:nh <br />Enclosure <br />OF COUNSEL <br />LEAVITT R.BARKER <br />LELAND W. SCOTT <br />