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r' <br />RESOLUTION VACATING ROAD <br />IN BLOCK, 1, FRIDL='S ADDITION <br />WAS, Two weeks' published notice and posted notice of a hearing to be <br />had on November 27, , 1961, at 7 :00 P.M., on the Vacation of the <br />following road: <br />That certain road easement granted by document dated December <br />28, 1954, and filed January 22, 1955, and recorded in -Book 2032 <br />of Deeds, page 209, over the South 20 feet of the East.180 feet <br />of the Worth 85 feet of Lot 9, "Warden Acres, Hennepin County, <br />Minn..", according to the,map or plat thereof on file and of <br />record in the office of the Register of Deeds in and for Hennepin <br />County, Minnesota, said 20 foot strip now having been <br />replatted and now being described as the South 10 feet of Lot <br />1, the north 10 feet of Lot 2, and the South 20 feet of the <br />North 85 feet of Lot 3, Block 1, FRIDLUND'S ADDITION, according` <br />to the map or plat thereof on file atd of recox" the office <br />of the Register of Deeds in and for Hennepin County, Minnesota. <br />has been given and made, and a hearing has been had thereon by the Village <br />Council: <br />NOW, THEREFORE,.BE IT RESOLVED by the Village.Couneil of the Village of <br />Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, as follows: <br />THAT the road easement hereinbefore described be and hereby is vacated, <br />provided, however, that only said road easement above describediiha1l be <br />and is hereby vacated and the utility easement also granted by the docu- <br />ment above referred to shall not be extinguished or be terminated by <br />virtue of this resolution, but shall be and remain in existence for <br />use by the Village of Edina and abutting property owners pursuant to <br />the terms of said grant of easement. <br />Adopted -this 27th <br />Attest: <br />(Signed) GRETCHEN S. ALDEN <br />Village Clerk <br />day of November , 1961. <br />(Signed) W. N. DICKSON <br />Mayor Pro Tem <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN) SS <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA, <br />I, GRETCHEN S. ALDEN , being the duly qualified and acting <br />Clerk.of the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, do hereby certify <br />that I have examined the attached and foregoing resolution, entitled. <br />"RESOLUTION VACATING ROAD" with the original thereof on file in my office; <br />and the,same is 4.true and correct copy of such resolution as duly passed <br />and adopted by the Edina Village Council at its regular meeting,., <br />November 27 , 1961.' �' ^; ' ,•`' ` <br />WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Village this lst <br />Y 4N J <br />Village of Edina " <,,& <br />Filed for record on the 5 day of Dec AD 1961 at 2:30 o'clock P.M: °" <br />