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6834,S5 <br />� <br />Taw 130M MM'y am!' e this : d of i <br />.gal,.; ..-a- a y— � a <br />by WA "Oetaaeen Vim., OMIEL ASMW St ING., as Ximwsota Corporation, and <br />"= R., MITT, SR. ana DA= In MRZM,, luwband and wife of tk* County of <br />Hennegin and State of Alrzesetat parties of the first part and the V GE OF <br />ED IM, a municipal corporation ox seized under the laws of the State of <br />� xAlescrta, qty of thl second ;part.; <br />That the parties :of Vas first part in consideration of data am of <br />Mlft V14 NO/IOU 01D00) Dollars and other good and valuable consideration <br />to tiam In %1 paid by the said party of the secord part, the receipt wbareo <br />Is hereVac4aowleUed, do r�raant, Bargain, Sa14 C=vsy we Warrant to sold <br />ymAy of the second paw$ an E^esme nt in perpetuity for the flowageo stoMe <br />asrA draineze of surface vatersy natural or otherwise,, in, on and over the <br />f*Uowina described properloy situate in the Cosy of gennapin OM State or <br />Minnesota) to -wait. <br />All i hft Porti xa of iot 10, Blocs 4, "xZ1""'�A' 2nd ,d4IVIV OR <br />described as foilovs. Rear 124.75 feet of ash 1K)t 10, socwd- <br />ina to the Plat thereof can file and of record in the office <br />of the Registrar of :iftleaa in end to: Sauna in County, Minnesota. <br />Pert es of the first part hereby warrant and sfffiraa to party of <br />the second Pert tkmt a?.31 the remainder of I*t 10; Block h, LAYX c'aMM 2nd <br />AMITIO , not hereinebove ;;0 eyed to said party of the second part, is of <br />M elevation vhilh Is uel to or hex than Eight iaunba -e 's1wenty -five (825) <br />feet, 19e9 sea level dutaaat, and parties of the first part hereby agree to <br />sure, :44=naif'y and hold haraleas the Vi11ade of tdiva, from *my and all <br />liability, aide or ineonverisa ba which may in anywise occur, arise or nasult <br />from the storage, ticv%v, seepage and drainage of ourfaoe water, natural or <br />otluarwlse, over aVs p Of said lot- below M elevation Elj.Oft Dundred <br />I."uenty :.five (€25) faaeT, l9e9 sea level daatr. . <br />