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BODEED 2278 PA,3L549 <br />X <br />o <br />A_: i,u, < o r z,,: i z a e jyv er <br />:Lna Con— <br />'A <br />y -,:d 3!ac' <br />7- <br />S <br />- Z� -0 44c, <br />r. fox <br />Jciz nk "I" -1C <br />31 <br />f 'j -�j <br />th <br />rh�� VAJ 'ov'r C:,m <br />At t'k. <br />7ia. <br />S So.-2th 3 1],0£., , 0, 117 <br />Vfest, 20 c--. al" <br />:kr.:Z, 43 <br />.5 <br />'witi.l. 2: <br />in b <br />--r-nin C f t, r�` <br />can---ctr- va t�� '10,-, d,�nsc e:d <br />Ithn sat---LK-Zz,YAX1"' fs '20,11C.h 530 di3tv-,1r:e 544 <br />-E;A.00 '�':)Oaring sou't'll, <br />tloenlce b--aarl mg --outh -l!" v-i ot, <br />WIG-st, dizotance 2"01 to a point diatzmt 15.0 feal.,- <br />in ca- perpend-i-culac.: the West L-i--,-xe ok said quarter- <br />thence so-utiv:' r-',y "a lj�n:i --a.US WastlALne and 1.5.0 <br />C"istant 0-aste-11- in z*;. r", 11"'Ac;.z1ar di <br />t,,:) -Lbe iW,- c-.,r sesct ion <br />Wi t' <br />, e t,-47,3-cth .u• ne tlle '4knutil -`'5 of-- thc,� of MM�`g o:f said <br />M <br />DEED =2020 ma5z) <br />of the purjpos(-*,' of the descrip- -on, the Tvna�.Arvj of F�,ast Line <br />In, f <br />he MrOk; 0-�,-- saif! hzao aasumed t(,.) be dlue <br />It is 1--ha Ji,,-1te:mt0.-Lo:n and agresment of the herato that <br />the pairty of the second pa-!t shall' .-Ln tha constructio.,a, or ma.-'-�ntenance of <br />sa.J'-d ditch rmplaae -arx-111 shriyb,,u or sod by any e--��ca.,.vation in <br />C*11-nect,iozl iA.Llh Such or maintenance vx)rk, in zz ntyarly <br />po�zible the sa-ma bezf.-ore excavation. <br />IN TZ-:)TIMOVIT WTH22,20r, Thf---, said fEirst party has cFmsed these <br />p-,-0.serA:.%-j -to be axecutc--,d in its <br />L, Ile J:y President <br />ex i-S <br />and, Its corporate seal to be hereIT�o affixed <br />&.ev, C --q — <br />-i::he day and yea=.: first above vrrittatn. <br />State deed tax due hereon $1.10. <br />.. ........ <br />Ste' C Il P P <J <br />�4 <br />Its <br />VAD' TAX PAR) - GEO. A. Mr?M, jW <br />PA 10 0 6 9 5 0 MW 14 0 1 .10 An HENNEPIN COUNTY TREASURER S—� ZT7 <br />