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J. R. EVERETT <br />W. F.TH I EL <br />CHAS.W.ROOT <br />EDWARD J. PARKax <br />EVERETT,THIEL AND ROOT <br />ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS <br />523 MARQUETTE AVENUE <br />MINNEAPOLIS 2, MINNESOTA <br />November 30, 1961 <br />3e 5 <br />Village Council of Edina <br />4801 West 50th Street <br />Minneapolis 24, Minnesota <br />Attentions Mrs. Gretchen Alden <br />Gentlemen: <br />When the plat <br />was reserved a public <br />the south five feet o <br />lines on the enclosed <br />sequently Outlot 1 of <br />part of Kohlridge 2nd <br />FEDERAL 5-2254 <br />z <br />_P <br />®f <br />�'��� pax \�O <br />of Kohlridge Addition was filed there <br />utility and drainage easement over <br />r the addition, as is shown by the red <br />plat of Kohlridge 2nd Addition. Sub- <br />Kohlridge Addition was included as a <br />APition. <br />You will notice that the above easement now cuts <br />through Lot 80 Block 1. of Kohlridge 2nd Addition. The plat <br />of Kohlridge 2nd Addition reserves drainage and utility ease -` <br />ments aver the south five feet of Lot ,13.-and over the south <br />and west five feet of Lot 8, thereby making t I ha 't part , o , f the <br />easement reserved_ over the south five feet of Outlot I which <br />now bisects Lot 8 unnecessary. <br />Will you please take such action as may be necessary <br />to release that part of the drainage and utility easement <br />which exists over the south rive feet of Outlot I of Kohlrid <br />Lot ge <br />Addition and which is included within the boundaries of <br />Block 1., Kohlridge 2nd Addition. <br />The plat of Kohlridge <br />1960 and the replat into part <br />filed November 10, 1960. <br />WFT: a <br />enc. <br />Addition was filed August 8. <br />of Kohlridge 2nd Addition was <br />Yours very truly, <br />VIERM,l T IEL and ROOT <br />By <br />