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42- <br />DZITIMg <br />STAll OP MUNSPOTA <br />GaM M, 4MMOD1.1 <br />M TIM AMMER OF C 0 M-MiAZ I'M <br />EY TAR QUAGE OF MNA cp <br />CEIRTAZ LAIMS AND 122M.E42Z <br />TMAN IN BASWEPIN COURY PUR <br />aaw, amhw A= 1-IffaR navly(4117 <br />Ae. STGRAr� REPOSES <br />DVARTT COUKT, <br />STMA JUDIMAL DUTRIGT <br />W OUtboritY at Qnnesota Btatutes 1945, 117.20, Dorsey, <br />Owen, harquzrt, Windbarsit, & Wo t, atttovaeys for the VJ-1l age of Vdins hereby <br />wertify that the lands berein 6escribed have been taken by We Village of <br />Was in emineAt domain proceedings for storm sexier and sat ex flowoge alad <br />otorage purposes in conKrnity with requireumnts of Chapter 117 Q said <br />MUM as amended; that Commissioners were dnQ appolKed. by the Court <br />to szeertain a4d report the Zwoust at damages sustained by the several owmeria <br />an account e such taking; that said Commissicaere qAtlified, and made and <br />4 t� <br />1led f <br />. Incir report of such damageal that obn time fez appeal from tba awards <br />in gaid report has expired; that to apposla varo tahen from the awards; that <br />all damsges as dateralned by evard bave been p0a by the Villoge of Wine; <br />tint the prooredings for the taking W sad lends are now camplate; and that <br />at-ad Village of Edina Lou dawns said lav6s for storm sever and vater flowage <br />e storage purposes. Sid attorneys eor the V111 of SdAms, further eartiflY <br />at said laWs are situate in 4enimplL 0ounty, Asnueoots, end are legally <br />desarivai as follows, to-Wit'. <br />0at port of L& 5, Block 1, "Millex's Addition% onvordizu- <br />to the rpeordal ploxt tbereof oa file zr of reiaord in the <br />Office of the Realpter of D'�eds in Emd�for "enepin County# <br />WhAesSa, lyi=6 Anxthexly uf the following described line: <br />commazaing at a Poittare the Fasterly lim4 vs said l't 5 <br />distant 36 fait Soux h rK from the Northeasterly corner <br />thereof; theace Southwesterly to a poi"a ;a the Weaterl <br />line of said Lot 5 distant 65 fe t 84"th 14 frva the <br />Northwesterly termer tbereof end tvre ' Ing. <br />