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DR-H 2/26/62 <br />096200 <br />VMS XMMSMTj, Madge this & Z* day G' Azl r c -4i <br />1962, by and betw+sen IUMM J. KDBW and HaAN J. WdaIAZ.. husband and <br />wife, of the Coanty of Hemampin, Rate of Vd an sots, said ZLXAM J. <br />being the fee owner at the property hereinafter d scribed and <br />GPACS HWTCR SSW, nVC., a eo rpOrs l.on under the Lave of the Stata of <br />Minnesota, ptnrcbaser under a contract for deed of that property herein- <br />after described, parties, of the first part, azd the VIL1.li1 A OF NA, <br />a moicipal motion" under tim laws of the State of Mivaesota, <br />party of the soomd part; <br />ictT AL'Sj. That the seeiA parties of the first part, in <br />so"f'deration of One and N01100 Dollars ($1.00), to them in hand paid <br />by the salad party of the Sesoead part, the r"eipt Hof is hereby <br />decd, do hereby dxant, Bargain, Sell, Convey aid warrant to said <br />ply of the seeoud peat an Rasewent in pe:rpe- city for me purposes of <br />storage and floom4p of water, including the right to excavate, construct, <br />asintain, reacustruct and repair a reservoir to contain .rater in, under <br />and over the following described property situate in the Gounty of Hennepin <br />and State of Minnesota, to-sit: <br />That part of Lot 5, Block 2, Hawke's Lake Addition, <br />according to the recorded plat thereof on file and <br />of record in the office of the Registrar of Titles <br />in and for the Comty of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, <br />lying 3outhwesterly of the following described line: <br />Goamncaing at a point on tht Northwesterly <br />line of said Lot 5 distant 153 feet North - <br />easterly from the mast Westerly corner <br />thereof; thence Southeasterly to the South - <br />easterly corner of said Lot 5 and there <br />toralzia-I.- <br />IN WITMM WHMr6Mj, The said parties of the first part have <br />hereaaerto respectively set their hands and seals the day and year first <br />above written and have caused these presents to be executed in its <br />