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no= PM SME <br />iill8 tli6lRe� 13sis p[, �M 14 A , by <br />and between �slo f somaxxled, of the County of Hennepir <br />and State of Mimasota, part* of the first part, and the Village of E"ina, <br />a municipal corporation orgtnised uoder,the lm ' of the State of Ninresota, <br />party of the second port$ <br />WrMSSM, That the said partly of the first part, in considera- <br />tion of one and no/100 (1.00).Dollars, to ibex in hand paid b., the saiJ party <br />of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowleiged, do Grant, <br />Dargain, Sell, Conveys and Warrant to said party of the second part an Easa- <br />sent in perpetuity for storm sewer purposess including the right to enter <br />for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, altering, repairing and re ^on- <br />structing a storm sewer system in, under, and over the following described <br />property situate in the County of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, to -wit, <br />A twenty foot (201) easement ovcr that part of the vacated <br />!,inneapolis, St. Paul and Suburban Railroad, the centerline <br />of vfdch is described as followas <br />Cc® -the intersection of the._centgrline of Cleveland. <br />Avenue in Cleveland's Subdivision of He,a l'o :,o t Park and the <br />south line of the vacated Minneapolis, St. Pail, and Suburban <br />Railroad; thence north along the centerline of said Cleveland <br />Avenue extended to the north line of the vacated Minneapolis, <br />St. Paul and Suburban Railroad and there terminating. <br />Subject to and with the reservations reserved to the first party, her heirs and <br />assigns. as follows: <br />(a) A11 rights of access, ingress and agrees aver and across <br />the Land above described for which this easement is given. <br />(b) All rights to the use of the above described land for which <br />this easament to givam for all purposes. except that no <br />building or baUdings shall be constructed thereon, and <br />such rights of use shall not interfere with or endanger <br />the storm sewer or use tboreof for storm sewer. relief. <br />i <br />r <br />It is the intention and agreement of the Parties hereto that the party <br />of the, second part shall in the construction, or maintenance of said storm sewer i <br />replace any shrubs or sod removed by any excavation in connection with such con- <br />struction or maintenance work, in as nearly as possible the same condition ss <br />before such exco•_aIion. <br />