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4F 21 9i'3 ', t <br />jr <br />33 ,1 <br />No <br />STATE DEED <br />Under Minnesota Statutes, Section <br />282.01, Subdivision 1. <br />,§TATE OF MINNESOTA <br />TO 0:2.559- B h <br />x <br />OFFICE OF REGISTER OF DEEDS <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA, ) <br />County of <br />I hereby certify that the within Deed <br />was filed in this off* for record on the <br />_day of t <br />A. D. 19,24 at -,ZZ—o'cloclk , <br />and was duly recorded in Book 7:�� <br />of De , on pagea r ' <br />Deputy. <br />v`1� TU7 <br />SEER ENTERFL <br />MAR 26 1962 <br />ROBERT F. HUSIMMONS, A96110 A. <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY M <br />