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F <br />688547 <br />28th MffjLOm <br />!' _6� by <br />JOHN E. BLOOMBERGj INC.,, a corporation under the 1406 A <br />cf b" ,is CG-m-AGY Of ifarmtpjx., <br />la 'd. <br />of t)?- f-,T, 2'd. FL <br />`-Pi- CWP Y', C:d 1111"Icr th -f ' i5t!te of M-Unesota an <br />jC, Jcn. h.m., , aid bRsj, rzart- of <br />c, flo , <br />Z'-,l j I- <br />th, XdL411-, to <br />and <br />o_r f io, 7�, vot­,". C, C,.­; "I C, 1 <br />C; u j-.0 <br />-m -In i ve <br />UIC. <br />C_ z! tho -Of ilt"rIne-fin ax4 fytate <br />Lot Five (5)v Block One (1), Idylwood Fourth Addition. <br />,J RANSFER ENTERED <br />APR 1"71962 <br />F. FITZWAI"s Tot. <br />N VY N - <br />TV <br />gy 54a <br />