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920 <br />EASEMENT • <br />THIa INSTRUMENT, Made this Ifth day of =*PtSWWV , 19 U , by <br />and between Mort FJ. Aa"Xem Wd lAm It. AwAsteft. 1wbmd ad We <br />, rf the County of Hennepin <br />and State of Minnesota, parties of the first part, and the Village of Edina, <br />a municipal corporation organized under the laws of the State of Minnesota, <br />party of the second part; <br />WITNESSETH, That the said parties of the first part, in considera- <br />tion of One and no/100 (1.00) Dollars, to them in hand paid by the said party <br />of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do Grant, <br />Bargain, Sell, Convey and Warrant to said party of the second part an Easement <br />91st <br />in perpetuity for purposes, including the right to enter for the <br />purpose of constructing, maintaining, altering, repairing and reconstructing <br />TA* <br />a I.A?1 " %l4 system in and over the following described property situate in <br />the County of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, to -wit: <br />Us tft#A 1K ( ') at Lot to Us& 17 NomwaftU AdAtim <br />It is the intention and agreement of the Parties hereto that the party <br />of the second part shall in the construction, or maintenance of said <br />#1W replace any shrubs or sod removed by any excavation in connection with such <br />construction or maintenance work, in as nearly as possible the same condition as <br />before such excavation. <br />