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DEED 2376 FAG[ 2 25 <br />BOOK <br />IN-WITNESS WHEREOF, The said parties of the first part have hereunto <br />set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. <br />In Presence of: <br />X <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />ss <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN <br />7hFLtC7h. <br />On this 3-oC day of r A.D. 1932 , before <br />me, a Notary Public within and for said County, personally appeard <br />7 and T, <br />­_j- <br />and <br />to me known to be the persons described in and who executed the foregoing <br />instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their free act <br />and deed. <br />al) <br />we <br />Filed for record om the 28 day of Dee A. D. 1962 at 3s:20 otolock P. Me <br />