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956 <br />I No-A2174-8 <br />STATE DEED <br />Under Minnesota Statutes, Section <br />282.01, Subdivision 1. <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />TO' S(-3 <br />4 <br />OFFICE OF REGISTER OF DEEDS <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA, <br />County of <br />I hereby certify that the within Deed <br />was filed in this office for record on the <br />day of <br />A. D.19--, at o'clock m , <br />and was duly recorded in Book <br />of Deeds, on page <br />Register of Deeds. <br />By <br />Deputy. <br />I RANSFER ENTERtI <br />APR 22 1963 <br />ROBERT F. FITZSSIMMOrNS, AU0116k <br />HENN CAOU, <br />;kY DEPUTV <br />4 <br />