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Page 2 (Cont.) <br />3. Initiated a hearing with the Bloomington City council <br />that resulted in an ordinance change allowing family <br />homes for the developmentally disabled to be considered <br />anywhere in city. <br />4. Reviewed a proposal for a Pediatric Training Center for <br />severely and profoundly retarded children who are also <br />multiply handicapped. Developed a report on the <br />feasibility of the proposed treatment program and the <br />need for such a facility in the South Hennepin area. <br />5. Did a comprehensive study on the need for group homes <br />for adolescents with behavioral.problems. Did a comparative <br />study of group home treatment progr =s and did an in <br />depth study of the ability of Welcome Community Homes, <br />Inc., to provide this service. The South Hennepin Human <br />Services Council will appear at a Planning Commission <br />and City Council meeting in Bloomington to present our <br />recommendations on this subject. <br />6. Reviewed Dr. Barron's proposal'(at the request of the <br />MH/MR Area Program) for the development of a research <br /> identify learning disabilities in pre- s'choolers. <br />7. Coordinated a task force on the need for additional teen <br />medical services in the South Hennepin area. Investigated <br />and reviewed the amount of services being provided by <br />existing clinics, surveyed South Hennepin physicians, <br />and are currently planning a survey of South Hennepin <br />youth. <br />8. Developed a "mini directory" of hum =-.n services specifically <br />designed for persons who refer to area services such as <br />police, school psychologists, social workers and <br />counselors, and area clergymen. <br />9. Currently coordinating an inquiry into the appropriateness <br />of a detached worker program in.our area. <br />10. Currently coordinating (with the Bridge) an area wide <br />development of Temporary Shelter H =es for runaways. <br />Also aiding the Bridge in their decentralization plans. <br />.(Helping them secure space, etc.) <br />11. Initiated a task force in Eden Prairie to study and <br />provide options for the needs of yo -ath. Recommendations <br />of this task force resulted in the.= urther decentralization <br />of the South Hennepin Individual and Family Counseling <br />Service. <br />