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Edina City Council Agenda <br />May 16, 1983 <br />Page Two <br />VI. AWARD OF BIDS Tabulation and Recommendations by City Manager. Action of <br />Council by motion. 3/5 favorable rollcall vote to pass. <br />* A. Public Improvements - Contract 83 -3 (ENG) <br />VII. RECOMMENDATIONS AND REPORTS <br />* A. Traffic Safety Committee Minutes of May 10, 1983 <br />B. Year 9 Community Development Block Grant <br />C. Sanitary Sewer Connection SSHC -9.= Lot 2, Block 2, Berkeley Heights <br />* D.. Ambulance Fees <br />* E. Klein Matter <br />F. Special Concerns of Mayor and Council <br />G. Post Agenda and Manager's Miscellaneous Items <br />1. Long Range Meeting Re- scheduling <br />* 2. AMM Annual Meeting - May 26 <br />3. County Shade Trees Disease.Program <br />4. Notice of Claim - Richard W. Kedzior <br />VIII. ORDINANCES First Reading requires offering of Ordinance only. 3/5 favorable <br />rollcall vote to pass Second Reading. 4/5 favorable rollcall vote to pass if <br />Second Reading should be waived. <br />A. Second.Reading <br />* 1. Ordinance No. 1120 -A1 - Cable TV Ordinance <br />B. First Reading <br />* 1. Ordinance No. 245 -A2 - Minnegasco Franchise <br />IX. RESOLUTIONS <br />A. Chapter 59 <br />X. FINANCE <br />A. Claims Paid.: Motion of , seconded by for payment <br />of the following Claims as per Pre -List: General Fund, $194,068.42; <br />Park Fund, $43,143.15; Art Center, $9,107.98; Swimming Pool, $2,787.20; <br />Golf Course, $31,709.34; Arena, $13,295.39; Gun - Range, $271.32; Water <br />Fund, $18,272.14; Sewer Fund, $157,385.19; Liquor Fund, $71,446.94; <br />Construction, $230.67; IBR Fund, $13,769.00; Total, $555,486.74 <br />