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Agenda <br />Edina City Council <br />March 20, 1995 <br />Page Two <br />V. AWARD OF BIDS <br />A. Carbon Change Out - Lift Station Odor Control Unit <br />B. (2) Light Maintenance Utility Vehicles - Braemar Golf Course <br />C. Utility Vehicle - Fire Department <br />VI. - R.ECOMMENDATIONS AND REPORTS <br />A. Approval of Traffic Safety Staff Report of March 9, 1995 <br />B. Status Report - Golden Valley Microwave Foods <br />C. Water Quality Activities Report <br />D. Storm Water Management -Plan Update <br />E. Well Head Protection/Water Supply Plan <br />F. Site Restoration Plan - Braemar Tennis Courts <br />G. July 4th Fireworks - Norwest Donation <br />H. Park and Recreation Activities Bus <br />I. MN/DOT Community Roadside Landscaping Partnership Program <br />J. Feasibility Report - Street Improvement BA -302 - Maloney Avenue <br />Set Hearing Date (04/03/95) <br />K. 3.2 Beer License Renewals <br />L. On -Sale Wine License Renewals <br />M. Appointment to Community Health Services Advisory Committee <br />VII. CONCERNS OF RESIDENTS <br />VIII. INTERGOVERNMENTAL ACTIVITIES <br />A. Resolution Requiring Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Transfer of Ownership <br />of Paragon Cable - Set Hearing Date (04/17/95) <br />I%. SPECIAL CONCERNS OF MAYOR AND COUNCIL <br />R. MANAGER'S MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS <br />RI. FINANCE <br />A. Payment of Claims as per pre -list dated 03/00/95 Total: $517,810.53 and for <br />confirmation of payment of Claims dated 03/10/95 Total: $303,397.97 <br />B. Tax Exempt Revenue Bonds Guidelines <br />SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING MEETINGS /EVENTS <br />Wed Mar 22 Boards /Commissions /Council,Annual Meeting 5:00 P.M. Centennial Lakes <br />Mon <br />Apr <br />3 <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />7:00 <br />P.M. <br />Council Chambers <br />Mon <br />Apr <br />10 <br />Board of Review <br />5:00 <br />P.M. <br />Council Chambers <br />Mon <br />Apr <br />17 <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />7:00 <br />P.M. <br />Council Chambers <br />Wed <br />Apr <br />26 <br />Annual Volunteers' Reception <br />5:00 <br />P.M. <br />Edinborough Park <br />