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* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />Agenda <br />Edina City Council <br />May 1, 1995 <br />Page Two <br />V. AWARD OF BIDS <br />A. <br />Sanitary Serer & Watermain - The Coventry at Centennial Lakes 2nd Addition <br />B. <br />Concrete <br />C. <br />Dump Truck Chassis <br />A. <br />D. <br />Tennis Courts Resurface/Repair - Park Maintenance Department <br />E. <br />Irrigation System - <br />Pormandale Park <br />F. <br />Fiberglass Service <br />Truck Body - Park Maintenance <br />G. <br />July 4th Fireworks <br />Display - Park & Recreation Department <br />H. <br />Insurance Renewals <br />- Public Officials Liability and Police Professional <br />Claims as per pre -list dated <br />Liability <br />$702,143.97 <br />I. <br />Electric Crane <br />J. <br />Fiberglass Service <br />Body <br />VI. RECOMMENDATIONS AND REPORTS <br />A. Sponsorship /Donation Policy <br />* B. Approval of 1995 Labor Agreement - Operating Engineers Local 49 <br />C. John Senior, Jr. Hearing Discussion <br />D. Hennepin County Library Presentation <br />VII. CONCERNS OF RESIDENTS <br />VIII. INTERGOVERNMENTAL ACTIVITIES <br />I%. CONCERNS OF MAYOR AND COUNCIL <br />R. MANAGER'S MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS <br />RI. <br />FINANCE <br />A. <br />Payment of <br />Claim from Check Register dated 04/13/95 to <br />National <br />Business <br />Finance - <br />$25,946.38 <br />B. <br />Payment of <br />Claims as per pre -list dated <br />04/27/95 Total: <br />$702,143.97 <br />SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING MEETINGS /EVENTS <br />Mon <br />May <br />15 Regular <br />Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />Council <br />Chambers <br />Mon <br />May <br />29 MEMORIAL DAY - CITY HALL CLOSED <br />Mon <br />June <br />5 Regular <br />Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />Council <br />Chambers <br />Mon <br />June <br />19 Regular <br />Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />Council <br />Chambers <br />Mon <br />July <br />3 Regular <br />Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />Council <br />Chambers <br />Mon <br />July <br />4 INDEPENDENCE DAY - CITY HALL CLOSED <br />Mon <br />July <br />17 Regular <br />Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />Council <br />Chambers <br />