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* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />AGENDA/EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />NOVEMBER 6, 1995 <br />PAGE TWO <br />V. AWARD OF BIDS <br />A. Minnesota Valley Landscape Nursery - purchase, delivery, and planting eighteen trees <br />at Braemar and Normandale Golf Courses <br />B. ACCU Fab Steel Works, Inc. - handrail for path connecting Parklawn to Centennial <br />Lakes Park <br />C. Southdale Hennepin Library - purchase of equipment Edina Art Center Media Lab <br />Project <br />D. Fire Department - purchase of kitchen cabinets, drawers and countertops <br />E. Storm Drains System - Braemar Golf Course <br />VI. RECOMMENDATIONS AND REPORTS <br />A. Set Hearing Date - Proposed Increase in Wine /Beer License Fees (12119195). <br />B. 1996 Council Meeting Dates. <br />C. New Wine /3.2 Beer License - New Hong Kong Kitchen. <br />D. Set Public Hearing Date - Preliminary Plan Approval Improvement BA 309 W. 66th St. <br />and BA-311 York for November 20, 1995. <br />E. Set Public Hearing Date Fairview Hospital Bonds for December 4, 1995. <br />F. Edina Aquatic Center Filter Room Repair. <br />G. Riding Scrubber. <br />H. Set 1996 Dates: <br />1. Council's Annual Meeting <br />2. Volunteer Recognition Reception <br />VII. COMMUNICATIONS & PETITIONS <br />* A. Petition for Street Lighting - Intersection of Brookview, Oaklawn & 52nd Streets. <br />VIII. CONCERNS OF RESIDENTS <br />* A. Verne Phelps Letter. <br />* B. Bernadette O'Connor Letter. <br />* C. Amy Nymark Letter. <br />IX. INTERGOVERNMENTAL ACTIVITIES <br />A. South Hennepin Regional Planning Agency /Family Services Collaborative <br />B. League of Minnesota Cities Policies <br />X. SPECIAL CONCERNS OF MAYOR AND COUNCIL <br />XI. MANAGERS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS <br />XII. FINANCE <br />A. Payment of Claims as per pre -list dated November 2, 1995 TOTAL: $899,325.84. <br />C I�E O F >C <br />Mon <br />Nov 6 <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />Fri <br />Nov 10 <br />VETERANS DAY - CITY HALL CLOSED <br />Mon <br />Nov 20 <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />Thu <br />Nov 23 <br />THANKSGIVING DAY - CITY HALL CLOSED <br />Fri <br />Nov 24 <br />DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING DAY - CITY HALL CLOSED <br />Wed <br />Nov 29 <br />Truth In Taxation Public Hearing <br />5:00 P.M. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />Mon <br />Dec 4 <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />Fri <br />Dec 15 <br />Truth In Taxation Public Hearing Cont. Date <br />5:00 <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />Tues <br />Dec 19 <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />7:00 P.M. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />