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�1 <br />o e o Facts Concerning the 1996 Edina City Budget <br />v .by <br />• ,�^nrOM1� <br />nnx <br />Q. What is the dollar amount of the proposed City expenditures for 1995 and <br />1996? <br />A. 1995 1996 <br />$15,723,228 $16,504,290 <br />Q. How much of an increase is this from the current year? <br />A. $781,062 or 4.97% <br />Q. How much do taxes need to increase from 1995 to support the 1996 City <br />Budget? <br />A. 6.91 %. A substantial portion of the tax increase this year is due to a reduction in <br />a couple of funding sources: a. $100,000 reduction in the State paid Homestead <br />and Agricultural Credit (HACA) and b. $50,000 reduction in municipal court fines. <br />Q. What are the major categories of City Spending? <br />A. <br />Expenditures by Type <br />Salaries 54.6% <br />Contr. Svcs. 12.3' <br />Commodities 5.0% <br />Reserves 0.5% <br />Equipment 6.4% <br />Cent. Svcs. 21.2% <br />Expenditures by Area <br />Public Works 23.7% <br />Public Safety 48.0 <br />Gen. Govt 13.8% <br />Parks 12.4% <br />% -Dept 2.1% <br />