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Memorandum <br />Date: December 22, 1995 <br />From: John Wallin <br />To: Mayor and Council <br />Subject: 1995 Year End Budget Forecast <br />The attached financial report details year end projections for the City's General Fund <br />revenues and expenditures: We anticipate an increase in our undesignated reserves of <br />$402,000 for 1995. This is due primarily to certain revenue items being over their <br />budgeted projections. A summary of the major categories is listed below. <br />Revenues: <br />The City's budgeted revenues for 1995 were $15,723,228. We anticipate a surplus of <br />approximately $299,000. The major areas comprising the surplus are: <br />• Building Permits - We anticipate this category of permits to exceed the budget <br />by $150,000. This would include building, heating, mechanical and plumbing <br />permits. <br />• Ambulance Fees - We anticipate ambulance fees to exceed the budget by <br />approximately $90,000. This is a result of the increase in fees and run volume <br />for the year. <br />• Municipal Court Fines - We anticipate court fines to exceed the budget by <br />$20,000. This is due to increased staffing levels and the cooperative traffic <br />enforcement program held in the late summer. <br />Expenditures: <br />The City's budgeted expenditures for 1995 were $15,723,228. We anticipate being <br />under budget by approximately $103,000. The major areas are: <br />• Public Works'Budget - The.public works budget will be under budget by <br />approximately $80,000. This is due primarily to underspending in the <br />commodities and personnel areas. <br />