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I <br />KARL C. SCHMIDT <br />CONSULTING ENGINEER <br />4200 GROVE AVENUE <br />WESTERN SPRINGS. ILL. <br />ntleam :. <br />and Village Council. <br />April 130 1944 <br />At & 00aference t ith Mr. Na"Id Utley, CbSUMM <br />of your Water 'Worms Conmittee,, and Xr. Perm R. Morev <br />S; a -lal -'Attor a for the Village of Id -, hold Friday,, <br />Jerry 14, 1944,. the writer was, reqmsted to zuke a cam <br />mil stet aad "port to ypour mil on the , following q � <br />tions. <br />a. In the event that the present pUn of opera- <br />tion of the Water Work$ System in the Country Club Di.atrict <br />and easrtaln othor portion& of the nUage of EdlAa is con-, <br />tin d, vbAt ua u)A be a fair valuation on vhieh to base rates <br />to be billed by the Country Club District Service Oomparq for <br />-Such service* <br />b. t t ,. if my, should be made In the <br />pr6seat rate s cheftle to g1e2d a fair return on the valua- <br />tion or -, &to base above described.. <br />1t gill be repealled that the writer was present <br />throuabout the trial vhlth owed before JUdge Montgowry <br />on 'am=r7 3i, j, ig4o,, aid that he testified ed at that ti m as <br />to construction costs-, valuatio , eto... aad presented numr- <br />aaa eblts in support of ash tetay. <br />Copies of those exhibits and, the b rouud stud- <br />ies for the preparation of sama oo as vell as the records of <br />the appe&l of that trial to the Super Court of the State <br />of Ximesots the deciaim of the Minnesota Supreme Court: <br />copies of and .to of the Count Club District Serviee Comp- <br />any accounts for the - years 1937•1942., Inclusivej maudited . <br />op$rat. ing stste=mts of the Service Company secoulmts for the <br />years 2 and 1943 prepared by Pip. Os'car rden; .. da�r. <br />den's proposal of Zune x.943 addressed .: Earl Vie, <br />President, of FAIns Village Council; and several, seel2 e- <br />oust memorandma prepared or loa=4 to me by Mr. Harold Utley, <br />Chairs of your Vater Works C onn ttee, foxmd the basis of <br />a- rather extended study upon the following a onolusions <br />are based. <br />Supporting tabulations and dptails of accounts, <br />explanatiow and ealculations fom the 7 of this report. <br />