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KARL C. SCHMIDT <br />CONSULTING ENGINEER <br />4200 GROVE AVENUE <br />WESTERN SPRINGS, ILL. <br />April 13, 1944 <br />Honorable President and Village Council <br />Village of Edina <br />Edina, Minnesota <br />Gentlemen: <br />At a conference with Mr. Harold Utley, Chairman <br />of your Water Works Committee, and Mr. Perry R. mare, <br />Special Attorney for the Village of Edina, held Friday, <br />January 14, 1944, the writer was requested to make a care- <br />ful study and report to your Council on the following ques- <br />tions. <br />a. In the event that the present plan of opera- <br />tion of the Water Works System in the Country Club District <br />and certain other portions of the Village of Edina is con- <br />tinued, vhat would be a fair valuation on which to base rates <br />to be billed by the Country Club District Service Company for <br />such service. <br />b. What changes, if any, should be made in the <br />present rate schedule to yield a fair return on the valua- <br />tion or rate base above described. <br />It will be recalled that the writer was present <br />throughout the trial which opened before Judge Montgomery <br />on January 31, 1940, and that he testified at that time as <br />to construction costs, valuations, etc. and presented numer- <br />ous exhibits in support of such testimony. <br />Copies of those exhibits and the background stud- <br />ies for the preparation of same, as well as the records of <br />the appeal of that trial to the Supreme Court of the State <br />of Minnesota; the decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court; <br />copies of audits of the Country Club District Service Comp- <br />any accounts for the years 1937 -1941, inclusive; unaudited <br />operating statements of the Service Company accounts for the <br />gears 19#2 and 1943 prepared by Mr. Oscar Qaarden; Mr. Gaar- <br />den s proposal of dune 1943 addressed to Mr. Earl Sharpe, <br />President of Edina Village Council; and several miscellane- <br />ous memorandums prepared or loaned to me by Mr. Harold-Utley, <br />Chairman of your Water Works Committee, formed the basis of <br />a rather extended study upon which the following conclusions <br />are based. <br />Supporting tabulations and details of accounts, <br />explanations and calculations form the body of this report. <br />