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BOARD OF WATER COMMISSIONERS <br />JOHN S. FINDLAN WILLIAM A. PARRANTO, President SEVERIN A. MORTINSON <br />WATER DEPARTMENT <br />LEONARD N. THOMPSON, CITY OF SAINT PAUL R. A. THUMA <br />General Manager Capital of Minnesota Supt. of Filtration <br />WILLIAM A. PARRANTO, Commissioner <br />BERNARD T. HOLLAND, Deputy Commissioner <br />October 16, 1946 <br />Village Manager <br />Village of 'Edina <br />1801 W.5Pth St. <br />Edina, Minn. <br />Dear Sire <br />I am sending to you herewith the audit for the <br />Country Club District Service Company for the year ending <br />December 31, 1945. This report was in the hands of the <br />Board of Appraisers. <br />Yours very truly, <br />Leo rd N. Thompson <br />Gene al Manager <br />LNT -Hp <br />r ORToF 0AINT PAUL <br />LAND WATER AIR <br />Gateway to the Great Northwest THE CITY OF PURE DRINKING WATER <br />