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Truce 159 1345 <br />Country Club District Service Coo <br />A-611 4nc o "dale Avenue <br />Minneapolis 109 Virr_o <br />Attentions Mr, Caarden <br />Gentlemen; <br />We have the following report :submitted to us by our <br />fire .ch.ief,, Phil Bailey and pa:so it on to you in <br />case you do not already know about theme hydrants. <br />He informs us that the hydrants located in the <br />following places have loose coupling connections: <br />4517 Arden Avenue <br />4619 Casco Avenue <br />Cain o and Sunnyside <br />451S, Drexel Avenue <br />He also reports that the `hydrant located at 'Bruce <br />and Sunnyside was found full of ice and water_ a few <br />days ago. They Isere able to remove the ice and then <br />pump out the water,, but I thought it might be -well <br />to check an this to see if it drains back pkoperlyo <br />Some of these, I believe,, were found by the fire <br />department and souie by the men who were flushing ' the <br />seen ers,, and just thought you would like to kr.Ow <br />about them. <br />Yours very truly, <br />Village Manager <br />Pal S: Q <br />