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REPORT of APPRAISERS <br />to <br />VILLMM.OF EDIh:A, MIHHIsoTA <br />and <br />COMM. CLUB - DISMICT SERVICE CO. <br />The board of, appraisers appointed to determine the Reproduction <br />Cost of the waterworks system in the Village of Edina submits herewith the <br />following report of its Findings. <br />The board consists of Ur. Leonard Thompson of St. Paul, <br />Mnnosota, appointed by the Country Club District Service Co., <br />11r. Karl C. Schmidt of Qhioago, Illinois, appointed by the Village Beard of <br />the Village of Edina, and Mr. Herman T. Hag®stad of River Falls, Wisconsin, <br />selected by Mr. Thompson and Mr. Schmidt with the approval of their principals. <br />It was the understanding of the appraisal board that their work <br />was to be undertaken in accordance with Section 9 of the Franchise Ordinance <br />passed by the Village Counoil,of: the Village of Bdina, Minnesota, on or about <br />October 13, 1923, which Section is, for oonveai.amoe, quoted belowo <br />"SECTION 9: The Village of Edina shall have the right at <br />any and all- times to acquire, by purchase or condemnation, <br />the plant and property of said Country Club District Service <br />Company, used and useful, 4n, connection with said seater <br />supply system, upon the torma' and conditions hereinafter <br />prescribed, and in tho event that said Country Club District <br />Service Company, its successors and assigns, shall connect <br />said water mains with the.water supply of the City,of MinneaT. <br />polls, a municipal corporation, and the Village of Edina <br />shall beoowe, by operation of azW law, a part of the City <br />of Minneapolis, the said City of Minneapolis shall have the <br />right to acquire, by purchase or condemnation, said plant <br />and property, used and useful, in such water supply system+ <br />In the event of purchase or condemnation of suoh water supply <br />system by the Village of Edina or by the City of Minneapoli8, <br />the price'to bs'paid for such water supply system, either by <br />purchase or condemilation, shall be the fair and reasonable <br />value of such plant and property, used and useful, in the <br />operation of such water supply system at the time of such <br />purchase or oaudeviation. In the determination of such <br />fair and reasonable value, there shall not be included therein <br />nor in the purchase or condemnation price of suoh system any <br />