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r is <br />B I LL OF SA LE <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That Country <br />Club District Service Company, a Minnesota corporation, of <br />the County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, and Oscar Gaarden, <br />parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the <br />sum of One Hundred Thirty -three Thousand.Four Hundred Forty - <br />eight and no/100 ($133,448.00) Dollars lawful money of the <br />United States of America, to them in hand paid at or before the <br />signing and delivery of these presents by the Village of Edina <br />of the- County of Hennepin; State of Minnesota, of the second <br />part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged granted., <br />bargained, sold and delivered, and by these presents do grant, <br />bargain, sell and deliver unto the party of the second part, <br />all of the following goods, chattels and property, to -wit: <br />All of the mains, tanks, wells, pumps, hydrants, <br />and similar personalty which comprise the com <br />plete waterworks system now supplying the Vil- <br />lage of Edina with water; all tools, office <br />equipment,.meters, stock, pipe fittings, and <br />other materials, all as set out in Schedule 1, <br />attached hereto. <br />To have and to hold the said goods, chattels, <br />and property unto the said party of the second part, to and <br />for its own proper use forever. <br />And the said parties-of the first part do re- <br />present and vouch themsleves to be the true and lawful owners <br />of the said goods, chattels, and property, free and clear of <br />any lien, charge or encuiib rance, and to have in - themselves <br />full power, good right and lawful authority to dispose of the <br />said goods, chattels, and property in manner aforesaid, and <br />said parties of the first part covenant and agree to and with <br />the said party of the second part to warrant and defend the <br />