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CITY OF EDINA <br />")I W. 50TH STREET <br />A, MINNESOTA 55424 <br />_ANNEPIN COUNTY, <br />MINNESOTA <br />REVISED ADVERTISEMENT <br />- FOR BIDS <br />BID OPENING IS POSTPONED. <br />UNTIL JANUARY 2014 <br />FOR <br />HAZELTON ROAD IMPROVEMENTS <br />S.P. 120- 166 -004 <br />CONTRACT NO. ENG 13 -22 <br />IMPROVEMENT NO. BA -417 <br />BY ORDER OF THE EDINA CITY <br />COUNCIL. <br />DEBRA MANGEN <br />City Clerk <br />(Published in <br />Finance And Commerce <br />November 12; 2013) <br />10442958 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />Affidavit of Publication <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />(SS. <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN ) <br />Description: <br />Bids for Edina RE: Hazelton Road Improvements <br />Carrie Retzack , being duly sworn on oath say she/he is <br />and during all times herein stated has been the publisher or the <br />publishers designated agent in charge of the newspaper known as <br />Finance and Commerce (MN) <br />and has full knowledge of the facts herein stated as follows: <br />(A) The newspaper has complied with all of the requirements <br />constituting qualifications as a legal newspaper, as provided <br />by Minnesota Satute 331A.02, and 331A.07, and other <br />applicable laws, as amended. <br />(B) She/He further states on that the printed <br />Construction <br />10442958 <br />hereto printed as part as it was printed and published there in the <br />English language; that it was first so published on <br />November 12, 2013 for 1 time(s): <br />the subsequent dates of publications being as follows: <br />11/12/2013 <br />And that the following is a printed copy of the lower case <br />alphabet from A to Z, both inclusive, and is hereby <br />acknowledged as being the size and kind of type used in the <br />X abcdefghijklmnopgrstuvwxyz <br />abcdefghi j klmnopgrstuvwxyz <br />Subscribe and <br />Sworn to before me this 12th day of 4vember, 2013 <br />Notary Public, Hen oyilty, Minnesota <br />SHAWNA RHEA SCHMITZ <br />Notary Public- Minnesota <br />My Commission Expires Jan 31, 2015 <br />RATE INFORMATION: <br />1. Lowest classified rate paid by $ 16.0000 <br />commercial users for comparable space: <br />2. Maximum rate allowed by law for $ 0.69391 . <br />the above matter: <br />3. Rate actually charged for the above $ 0.6308 <br />matter: <br />