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June 17, /1974 <br />uayor James Van Valkenburg � � <br />Couaailpersons Courtney, Johnson, Shaw and Schmidt <br />City of Edina <br />S$Ol West Stith <br />Edina, 11innesota 55424 <br />Dear Gentlemen and Mrs. Sohmidt3 <br />Since moving into our home last year we have found numerous defects not <br />apparent when we viewed the house. Unfortunately the listing realtor and the <br />seller wars aware of them but chose to cover them rather than inform say prospective <br />buyer* We oarnot count the number of people who have commented that "had our home <br />been in St. Louis Park" their health and safety inspection would have avoided our <br />unfortunate experience. <br />Their Safety Inspector, Mr. Sewell, was kind enough to send a copy of the <br />Inspection regulations and checklist, He reported that the program has been very <br />successful and 99% of the people who were rot in favor of it at the time of <br />enactment now agree it was a very wise step indeed. He reports that not only <br />has it improved homes from within, but elimire.ted eyesores from otherwise lovely <br />neighborhoods. We can see this as an excellent means of keeping homes in the <br />City of Edina in top repair inside and outside as our eomzmunity grows older and <br />homes become deteriorated. <br />We have read and heard of oases similar to ours but until experiencing the <br />trauma of living in a potential death trap have we been motivated to action. <br />Probably the major defect which we encountered and v;hich pro=ts us to ask that <br />such an inspection program be instituted here, was a completely rusted out furnace. <br />The lIinneapolis Gas Company, as well as heating people from whom we got bids, <br />said that there was a strong poasibility we could have been asphyxiat9d. <br />Other things we have found or experienced which are listed under 17 Iradiate <br />Health and Safety Eazards were: <br />1. Low house power whioh caused a flash fire shortly after v+e moved <br />in. N.S.P. found a defective connection into our horse which knocked <br />out our po3cer and that of a neighbor. There were also defective <br />outlets which they suggested replaoing. <br />2. Cracked bathroom fixture exposing the element through :which the <br />pourer rums. An adult could be badly shocked or a wet child electrocuted. <br />3. Leaking plumbing in bathroom and basement. <br />49 Rotted out oomtertop concealed by sink drain board and dish drainer. <br />5. Two sections of rdssing shingles on roof w}doh were difficult to see <br />except from a neighbors property. <br />6. Crumbled out garage floor with holes over 3" deep over which oars <br />wore'ala;ays parked completely concealing them. <br />7. Backyard wild area in which use unoover ed debris of all descriptions. <br />r` <br />