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i <br />�d J <br />DATE November 7, 1977 <br />PETITION FOR PERMANENT STREET SURFACI'IG AND CUR? <br />TO THE HOi C)-V6LE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FD I NA: The undersigned, being under <br />contract to purchase and develop at their expense not less than 51% of the <br />5c #�aic�c�zexaamxxf�xx�txxk�xxxco <br />frontage of the real <br />property abutting on the f -)llowi,­c strc >,tx in paid <br />Scriver Road extens'FA -vi an . the east and west Jdt lines of Lot 36, Aud. <br />and <br />do hereby F.o;ition that said port;on of sai,j stre�_ts ba ir;iproved by CONSTRUCTION <br />OF PER -M-N SIT snEHT SURFACIiIG A;JD CURrs t; �r� n, anJ that the cost of Baia <br />improvement be assessed against a:7iltt�r.q _­oparty, as authorized by Chapter <br />398, Laws of Niinnasota, 1 as �:7endcr.1, subject to satisfactory final approval <br />of "Taft Addition" <br />^L. Di:SC- IPiIOiJ <br />S I GHATURE OF 0.iN ER AU Ca: i`5 y _ _ JF PR_OPERV.' <br />5&c5 �6=P_r-Tfh`bt Y36, Auditor's Subdivision <br />NumFe r = <br />This petition was circulated by <br />SPONSORS OF PET I T I OdS PLEASE NOTE -THE C,: (i'J HAS ASKEC THAT E-T T ONS BE <br />SICHEC• BY OWNERS OF 60% (?F ABUTTII;I= PIONEni!Es t1HEiIEVER POSSIBLE. <br />R -74 <br />