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DATE 2 -3 -74 <br />PETITION FOR PERMANENT STREET SURFACI'`IG All: CUR"' <br />TO THE HOWRA31_E COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF F'Gi;IA: <br />The undersigned being owners of not less than rig: iri frontage of the real <br />property abutting on tho T:)Ilowin.p $u'C'ts in Said <br />(be rt N e be w ;an O n OA PAC 28 and (74, C <br />batw <arn - - - -•— and -- <br />between �—.�^ - - - -�— and_ <br />n. <br />do hereby pe-�ition that said portion of laic streCLS, be !- Droved by CONSTRUCTION <br />OF PE +1AilEt ►T STREET SURFACING A:dO CURB n, and that the cost cf said <br />improvement be assessed against ®:)utt;ny '�,roperty, as authorized by Chapter <br />398), Laws of !;innrasota, 1 1;3, as L,:nend�,,d. <br />^L OESUvIPi,ION <br />S I G!JATURE Or 0`WNERS ADDRESS 3c= 12!Ro"? E�?�'`.` <br />i 7/O Ile fe-WO IV A.., _ A2�k /-S At�ol -No r �.oTt / � 7'. <br />This petition was circulated by <br />SPONSORS OF PETITIONS PLEASE NOT�E -7-Hc Lai NAS ASKED THAT PETITIONS M. <br />S I CNEO BY OUNERS OF 6O% OF ABUTTI Ili- F ZOi'ERT ! ES ±dHEMEVER POSSIBLE. <br />R -74 <br />