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PETITION FOR SANITARY SEWER EXTENSION <br />TO THE HONORABLE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDINA: <br />�•y/o <br />DATED <br />/7 1 Y7 <br />� ! <br />The undersigned being owners of not less than 51% in frontage of the <br />real property abutting on the following streets in said City: <br />9,-,.l ,r &44�& between �� and <br />between _ and <br />between and <br />between and <br />between and. <br />Y <br />do hereby petition that said portion of said streets be improved by Construct- <br />ion of CITY SANITARY SEWER EXTENSION THEREIN, and that the cost of said <br />improvement be assessed against benefited property, as authorized by Chapter <br />398, Laws of Minnesota 1953, said assessment to be on a per- connection basis. <br />SIGMTVt OF OWNERS ADDRESS DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY <br />4 <br />This petition was circulated <br />SPONSORS OF PETITIONS 'PLEASE <br />SIGNED BY OWNERS OF 60% OF A <br />R- 74 <br />ASKED THAT PETITIONS <br />R POSSIBLE. <br />