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MINUTES <br /> OF THE WORK SESSION <br /> OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL, <br /> HELD TUESDAY, APRIL 3,2007 <br /> Mayor Hovland called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M. in the Community Room of <br /> Edina City Hall. Answering rollcall were: Members Bennett, Housh, Masica, and <br /> Mayor Hovland. Present from the Heritage Preservation Board were: Members <br /> Blemaster, Fukuda, Rekhamp, Rofidal and Chair Kojetin. Staff present included: <br /> Gordon Hughes, City Manager; Heather Worthington, Assistant City Manager; Ceil <br /> Smith, Assistant to the City Manager; Roger Knutson, City Attorney; Cary Teague, <br /> Planning Director; Joyce Repya, Associate Planner; Robert Vogel, Historical Planning <br /> Consultant; Steve Kirchman, Building Official; Jennifer Bennerotte, Marketing & <br /> Communications Director; and Debra Mangen, City Clerk. <br /> Chair Kojetin, Mr. Vogel and Ms. Repya outlined the work goals proposed by the <br /> Heritage Preservation Board including re-evaluation of the design guidelines for the <br /> County Club District's Plan of Treatment. They reported the Board's consensus that no <br /> certificates be issued for homes constructed before 1951 while they complete the re- <br /> evaluation to determine which homes would be considered "contributor" or "non <br /> contributor" to the historic overlay district. <br /> The Council, Board and Staff discussed the work to be done for the re-evaluation, <br /> reasons that a home would be allowed to be demolished (public health issues), the <br /> challenges of managing renovations and additions in the historic district and whether <br /> or not a moratorium was necessary disallowing demolitions of homes built before 1951 <br /> while the re-evaluation of the Plan of Treatment was completed. Staff was directed to <br /> prepare the necessary ordinance for consideration at the Council's next meeting. <br /> Mayor Hovland adjourned the meeting at 6:50 P.M. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Debra Mangen,City Jerk <br />