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MINUTES <br /> OF THE WORK SESSION <br /> OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br /> HELD TUESDAY,OCTOBER 3,2006 <br /> AT 5:30 P.M. <br /> Mayor Hovland called the meeting to order at 5:30 P.M. in the Community Room of Edina City Hall. Answering <br /> rollcall were the following members of the City Council: Housh,Hulbert, Masica,Swenson and Mayor Hovland. <br /> Staff present included: Gordon Hughes, City Manager, Heather Worthington, Assistant City Manager, Sherry <br /> Engelman, City Sanitarian, Ceil Smith, Assistant to the City Manager, Cary Teague, City Planner and Debra <br /> Mangen,City Clerk. <br /> Mayor Hovland explained the purpose of the meeting was to receive a report on rental housing licensing from <br /> Heather Worthington,Assistant City Manager. <br /> Assistant City Manager Worthington explained the City had Codes governing housing,nuisance, and disorderly <br /> housing that regulate housing whether the property was owner occupied or rental housing. She added Code <br /> Section 1035.01 covered general nuisances such as public health, attractive nuisances, ice, snow and rainwater, <br /> dead trees, construction materials, firewood and trash. Ms. Worthington reminded the Council the City had in <br /> 2004 adopted a "disorderly house' ordinance that addressed habitual violation of laws related to intoxicating <br /> liquor, gambling, prostitution, possession of drugs or firearms, causing nuisances and other disorderly conduct <br /> of owners or tenants. She added the City's Health Department was the enforcement arm for the housing code <br /> and the general nuisance code, while the Police Department enforced the disorderly house code and all other <br /> misdemeanor and felony complaints. <br /> Ms. Worthington presented statistics on code enforcement complains for 2005 and 2006 and discussed with the <br /> Council the nature of the various complaints that were tracked both by the Health and Police Departments. She <br /> also reviewed the results of the eleven Municipal League Cities that were surveyed during her research. <br /> Ms. Worthington concluded her report stating that staff felt the City current Code adequately provided the <br /> necessary tools to effectively address problem properties. She pointed out that many specific complaints were <br /> behavioral in nature, adding those issues would not be handled with a rental housing license program. Ms. <br /> Worthington suggested that perhaps there were revisions and enhancements of the current codes that could <br /> accomplish the desired effect in terms of enforcement. <br /> The Council discussed the various options including increased enforcement using some type of intern, <br /> community outreach and education such as the STAR program, and enhancement of existing code to allow more <br /> proactive approach to "problem" properties. Staff was directed to bring this issue back on the regular Council <br /> Agenda at a later date. <br /> Mayor Hovland declared the meeting adjourned. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> G , <br /> Debra Mangen,Ci lerk <br />