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ORDINANCE N . 1993-4 <br />AN ORDINANCE A�IENDING SECIT N 1050 OF THE <br />TO UPDATE STATUTORY REFERE 4CES AND REQU <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDINA QRDAINS: <br />Section 1. The definition of "Weed" in Shbsection 1050.02 <br />read as follows: II <br />Y CODE <br />dIENTS <br />hereby ameniled to <br />'Weed. (i) Any plant which is identified y the State Commissioner of Agri <br />as a noxious weed or secondary noxious 1 veed pursuant to M.S. 18.7 7, Sub <br />(ii) any volunteer plant, except trees and other woody vegetation, which <br />customarily or intentionally planted." <br />Section 2. Subsection 1050.08 is here <br />"1050.08 Abatement. <br />Subd.1 Nance. Any <br />requirements of this Section is <br />Subd. 2 Condit -tons Allowing <br />inspector or assistant weed inspec <br />the weed inspector or assistant w <br />cut, remove, destroy and eradica <br />under this Section. Entry by the w <br />persons authorized by the weed ins <br />purpose of cutting, removing, dest <br />done only after written notice is s <br />if other than the owner, of the p <br />owner or occupant to cut down, <br />declared to be a nuisance, within t <br />inspector or assistant weed inspe <br />notice shall be given in the manne <br />shall allow a minimum of seven da <br />comply with requirements of the r <br />Subd. 3 Owner's Responsibil <br />expenses incurred by the City v <br />pursuant to Sub4. 2 of this Subsect <br />eradicating vegetation declared to <br />or occupant of the property enter <br />information and served as prescrib <br />not paid the amount stated in tl <br />following October 1 whichever is ] <br />1 <br />amended to read a� follows: <br />ion which le. <br />es not <br />to be a nuisa <br />Inspector to Enter perty. Thi <br />or of the City, or persons author <br />�d inspector may er ter upon prof <br />e vegetation declar d to be a ni <br />:ed inspector, assist nt weed inspE <br />)ector or assistant w 2ed inspector, <br />oying or eradicating vegetation s <br />:rued upon the own 2r, and the oc <br />operty to be entere , and failure <br />-emove, destroy or eradicate veg <br />ie time, and in such manner, as th <br />:tor shall designate in the notic( <br />-prescribed by M.S. 18.83, Subd. <br />Vs for the property wner or occu <br />r for Costs Incun <br />connection with <br />a and cutting, rem <br />a nuisance, shall <br />d pursuant to a r <br />I by M.S. 18.83, S <br />notice within 3C <br />.er, such amount s <br />ed. The cosi <br />entering a pr <br />wing, destroyi] <br />)e paid by the <br />otice contairu� <br />ibd. 7. If the <br />days or befo <br />iall become a <br />11ture <br />8, or <br />Is not <br />the <br />weed <br />ed by <br />rty to <br />sance <br />for or <br />:)r the <br />all be <br />apant <br />if the <br />:ation <br />weed <br />The <br />!, and <br />int to <br />> and <br />►perty <br />.g and <br />)caner <br />.g the <br />:ity is <br />-e the <br />ien in <br />