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ORDINANCE NO. I <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CI <br />SECTION 461 - 04POSING A MORA <br />OF PERMITS FOR THE ERECTION, <br />AND ILLUMINATED AWNII <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDINA, ] <br />Section 1. The City Code is hereby am <br />follows: <br />"SECTION 461 - A MORATORIUM ON' <br />FOR THE ERECTION AND PLACEMENT <br />AWNINGS AND <br />461.01 Purpos_ Pursuant to applicable stat <br />pursuant to the authority and direction of the ( <br />amendments of official controls, as defined in <br />Subdivision 15, including amendment of Secti <br />Ordinance"). The amendments and official conte <br />other things, the need and desirability of further re <br />coverage area of signs, number' of free standing <br />frontages and of further regulating, controlling <br />canopies (as such terms are defined in Section 46 <br />regulated, controlled or restricte4 1, the terms and c( <br />and controls. However, while the amendments <br />considered, proposals for the erection and placeme <br />and canopies, and applications for permits therefc <br />order to protect the planning process and the hes <br />of Edina, it is necessary and desirable to impose tk <br />authority granted by Minnesota Statutes, Section <br />461.02 Moratorium. For the 90 day period <br />subject to earlier termination or extension by the i <br />Planning Commission, the Building Official, the Z <br />the City of Edina, shall not grant any permits for <br />or illuminated awing or canopy." <br />1 <br />� 993-7 <br />CODE BY <br />IUM ON THE ISS <br />PLACEMENT OF <br />AND CANOPIES <br />A <br />to provide a <br />ISSUANCE OF <br />SIGNS AND II.I <br />the City will be <br />.R. for the puri <br />460 of the Cj <br />being studied <br />sting the size of <br />Ls for buildings <br />restricting illur <br />of the City Co <br />tions of such re: <br />A NEW <br />Section 461 <br />)nauctmg stu <br />se of consid( <br />Section 462. <br />Code (the " <br />consider, an <br />Is, maximum <br />th multiple s <br />ited awnings <br />and if so fu <br />as <br />52, <br />and <br />the new official controls are ing <br />E such signs and illuminated a gs <br />continue to be made. Therefor , in <br />safety and welfare of the resi nts <br />m May 3, 1993 <br />a City Council, t <br />.g Board of Appy <br />erection and Ph <br />pursuant t4 the <br />August 1, 1 <br />93, <br />City Council <br />the <br />s and the st <br />of <br />ment of any <br />ign <br />