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58 . <br />I,IIIWJ!ES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE \ <br />COUrJClL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIEA AT A REGULfiR XEETLi?G TKEREOF HELD ON. THE 11th DAY OF BECERBER, 1920 <br />Regular mee'tiq of the Council of the Village of Edina, held in ths Grange Hall Dsosmber llth, 1920. <br />The following officers vere present Delaney, Vessey, Vind Herrett, Anderson and Child. <br />The minutes of the previoua meeting vir8 read and approved. <br />Harley Vind ma8 present and signed the contract for the so- oalled Vind ditch. <br />George Payne and others mere present and asked the openiq of 49th Street west from Francs Ave. <br />that the matter be laid on the table till the Spring of 1921. <br />A motion vas made and passed <br />?*k. John hfOOr0 afjked to hap8 several loads Of gravel dWlp8d at the approash to the 44th Street bridge over ?,Iinnehwha Creek. The request mas granted. <br />The following bills were read and approved: <br />Geoo D. Vessey Paul Vind <br />J,T.Delaaey J,E.Hsnnesy & Co. Fred S. Child S,C,Herrett <br />General Eleotric Co e Arnold Rind R.S.Jackaon <br />Justu& LUtDbW. GO, <br />Salary,Eleotion,etc <br />Salay Lumber <br />Salw and Elecltiion <br />Salary and R & B Lumber Street Lights R&B <br />El@Cl.P;ir;m <br />n I1 <br />Total <br />$ 46.35 <br />25 s 10 <br />7 .OQ <br />2.50 75.5'9 <br />181.60 <br />59 . 88 <br />65*63 <br />48.13. <br />3.25 -7gi%mz* <br />Village Clerk, Edins.