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\ 91 <br />e <br />a <br />meet in^ called to order by President J .T .Delaney. <br />Roll call was answered by President J .T .DelaneY,Trustee. <br />H,J,Knudsen,Clerk E,T,Edson. Trustee S.K.Strong absent,also Trustee C .F.Prescott being absent not having received notice <br />of change in time of meeting from 7;30 P.M. to 2:cIO P.MS Treasurer J . J .Duggan vras present <br />l’rlfnutos of last meeting vras read and approved. <br />’,S.S.Hegdt of Brookside appeared and ask for information In <br />regard to a crossing at 48 st.and Brookside Ave. over the <br />Minnenpolis,Northfield and Southern rail road. <br />hlr. Heydt mas-told the Village wogld do the grading if the <br />permission was obtained from the Rail Road Cos <br />A communication was read regarding the above matter From <br />Ivlessrs Tingdale Bros . <br />A mot&on passed. The Chair appoint a committeey3uT+Delaney & <br />M.J.Knudsen to go with Mr,He-gdt and see what could be done about obtaining permission to put in said crossfng, <br />The Clepk vras instructed to write the School Board Disc.17 <br />pePSu&nL to 9. CorrinfinZcatTon of said Board,regarding what was <br />Sntended about keeping the roads open this winter. The Council havine: taken action on the matter at the Nov.IL,meeting,that <br />they would endeavor to keep the roads open and as free from <br />morn as far a8 was possible or pratica1,but should deep snows <br />conlo followed by high winds tliere would probably be several days <br />3% time ?Then the roads would not be open suitable to motor <br />traPS’ic.And the Council would advise the School Board to be pre- <br />pared with teams for trRasportation at such times. <br />Clerk EoToEdson reported having conferred with the Minneapolis <br />Flre Dept.concerning fire protection for Edina.The Department <br />suggested that this Council name a fern people living in different <br />otfon passed and the following were named.0n France Ave.John <br />uckett,A.G,Fr5ght Adolph Coneilusj Cahill Road 72nd and France <br />of the Village as the propm ones to call in case of fire. <br />Ave,J,T.Delaney, J.$.Duggan. Cahill road or Nomandale Bvd.E.T.Edson <br />H.J.KnudsentThos .Ryan. Eden Prarie road.Al,loveus,Mrs .Clause <br />Johnson,Errxc Carlson.Browndale Park John Jones.Brookside Ave. <br />G ,l,l .Sachs A copy-of above names was sent the Fire Department, <br />The Clepk reported havzng recelved notiee of advance,from County <br />Treasurer Voegeli of $3500 .OO to Village Treasurer J,J,Buggans <br />Also received County Auditors ‘statement $6~ November settlement <br />OF $4371.45 . Warrant $2528092 <br />Received Village Treasurer’s receipt to County Treasurer of $871.45 <br />balance of November settlement,narrant #32437 <br />On motion of the Clerk and seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen the . <br />follovr2ng bills were paid. <br />James Coburn and team <br />“3 .S . Joy St . C ommiss toner <br />1’I.Cobum team <br />Chlris ,Hansen <br />E.Be%chart <br />B,Betchart Andrerr Webber ’’ <br />Dan McGuire It. . <br />It <br />Labor <br />0. <br />I - . ..J-f L. L p <br />$148 . I3 <br />153.75 112.75 <br />35.63 <br />68.38 <br />79.80 <br />81.60 <br />72 .oo ~ <br />H .V.WBBBaR Labor $10.40 <br />Mpls.Gen.Electric C0.40.83 <br />E.T .Edson Reg. Deeds to property on Hali- fax Ave ro . 20 <br />L.Eidam Co close account 18 083 <br />Gust myman drag.roads 4.50 Eidam Co.from PTOv I1,39.91 Total for month $8511671‘1: <br />The folloriing ‘%arrantg and Quit-Claim Deeds to property on <br />Halifax Rve-.vere filed with the County Register of Deeds on the 13th day of November 1922, at II:20 A.M. <br />c <br />C