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\ 231 <br />Road bills snow work. <br />Frank Roberts <br />E .Hansen <br />Ed Costello <br />Art Jensen J,Costello - Henry Slavin <br />A ,?ie bber <br />Jerry Collins <br />Harry Vanatta <br />L,Day <br />ÔéČearn 207 hrs at 806 <br />207 <br />17X <br />Q <br />tl <br />tt 12- dargging road <br />labor 207 40d <br />tt I932 <br />I53 (I <br />I4 fl <br />$ 165.60 <br />X36.80 <br />97.20 <br />IO .80 <br />9.60 <br />82.80 <br />77.40 <br />61.20 <br />5.60 <br />165.60 <br /> joy St. Corn 23 days 5.00 115 e00 <br />John Lilja blacksmith work 7.65 <br />Thos Ryan 1722 yds gravel 254 43 .I2 <br />Thompson Lumber CO. lumber,snow fence 22.25 Lmwrence T .Newell Cons Co. sidewalk,Browndale 301.48 <br />groceries for F.IVJ.Day family 5.30 H .S .3'iind Hdw <br />Nat Tea Co. <br />E ,TI .Eds on 3 mos clerk salary ?C 182.07 <br />?Vm.H.Ziegler Co. - 500.feet snow fence k IO posts 48.40 <br />P. J ,Caroline fixnigators ordered by Dr .Blake 2.70 <br />Village of St-Louix Park oiling 1i!.44t'ri St 56.40 <br />hardware Joy 7.8'5 <br />Upls Gen Electric Co. street lights Nov. 49.71 <br />Total for month I, 634 55 <br />- Ordered between meetings a <br />Complaknts were received of snow drifting the road in a fevr places and it was thought best to have the Clerk order 500 <br />feet ncwe of the Ziegler people,before the next meeting, <br />P.P -,ve had some posts there were only IO ordered at th5s timeo <br />Y <br />No further bixsi,ness meeting adjourned. Re c orde P . <br />P'i?es;dent Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange Hall <br />at, 2: P&. Roll call found all members present but Trus'tee <br />Hnudsen. <br />The minutes of the last meeting were rend p.nd approved. <br />The special meeting to hear the attitude of the people in regard <br />to the m-ll&i%ing proposition set for <br />as some members of the Council could not be present. <br />Dec.18th vias not held <br />The PPesident reported that the Committee of Strong,Edson L <br />;f;j.llson to see the County Commissioners to get a0aLstance for <br />gpaveifng 'vest 50th Street;and for some snoifr fence from the County <br />'The Comrr!issianers were out of the City,but made en appointment <br />idp. iiabbot and I\l;r,-7eieBegard of the I\.;pls Gen Electric were present <br />and offered the same plan pf lighting the Village which was not <br />v~t,ed upon at the last meeting because the .nhole Council vms not <br />ppe~?nt, they .~lso presented a resolution. <br />aftqe+r some discllssion Trustee Prescott moved the adoption of - the folloning resolution. <br />Resolved that the Village Council of the Village of Edina,Hennepin <br />County,F'inn, hereby approve the action of the President and Recorder <br />of the Village in avfarding a contract to the Kpls.Gen. Electric CO <br />for the installation and maineshance of 26,125 candle pornrep (1250 <br />lWen) lamps,II,400 candle pmer (4000 lurnen) lamps,all <br />in the Village of Edina,and hereby appro-rao r.11 rate,tepms,condi- <br />''ions ~nd specifications Contained in said contrac$t, <br />for IfODday Jane27g2rl. <br />7 <br />located