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A SPECIAL 2'XETING of tke Village of Edins Council, <br />17aa held on April 4th. 1928, at 4605 Vooddale Avenus, Sdina, <br />and- for tLe purpose of adapting a resolution pertaining to the <br />inproving of Vest 50th Street, in the Village of Ed$nao <br />On being called to order by the President, all members <br />Tkse Recorder offered the folloning Resolu'cion- <br />e vere found to be present except Trustee Reinann. <br />Avenue, <br />p8v$nQt <br />be laid it nil1 <br />Vl+il?XZAS, Vest 5Otk Street between the West line of France <br />and the East line of Fdghrey 95, 3s being improved by <br />and <br />U€XR3AS, it is desirable that branch sever ad natex, pipes <br />by otmers of properey abutting on said iaprovenaene so that <br />not be necessary to disturb the improved roadT';Lzv after <br />its construction for that purpose. . - 1 <br />& && Resolved & $& l&.llap&Council <br />Vil3a~e a Edina, ~Jinnecota,, <br />Tht the otmers of real property abukting on Wst 50th- <br />Street, between the TJest line of Prance Avenue, and the East, line of EIghmy $5, 'shall forthwith cauw branch sever and rrczter pipes to be laid from the mafns9of safd street, to~beyond tke curb line; <br />one such branch befng laid for each platted lot, 'or for each 100 <br />feet of unplatted property to tkLe vaterhain and one such branch <br />,being laid for each platted lot, or for each 100 feet of unplat- ted property to tke sewer. Vater connections sklL be made of Galvanized fron pipe, and in case any property osmer neglects to lay suxh bsanch eever or trater pipe nithin. sixty days after <br />being servc;d vith a copy of this reoolution, the Council ti.iI.1 <br />catt8e the senex? and all water pipe to be laid end asseas tke cost thereof against the property. . <br />I33 IT YURT€I;%R FESOLVED; that no pernit till be iaaued <br />by the Village of Edina, for the purpose of tappug any water main or for connection t7ith any sewer whereby \kst 50th Street, <br />pavement vilL be torn up 02 diclurbo'd for a period 'of five (5) ybzrs from date of completion of 'said Vest 50th Street pavanerrbe <br />Village, by registered mail, serve each such property omner nith a copy of this resolution and file a proof of such service rrith <br />a copy of tb2s resolution in Ns office forthrith. <br />. <br />AXiI BZ IT FtJRTEER RESOLVED; That the CX'erk of tkds <br />Sassed the Council this 4th day of April 1928, I <br />Signed D.F.LIcGuire, (Prosfdent 1 <br />ATTEST; Ben B. Iloore, (Village Recorder) <br />Village Recordera