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REGULAR XONTELY lIZETIlTG <br />of tkc Council of the Village of Edina, keld on November 10th. <br />15328 at 2 PU in Grange Eall, ?‘lest 50tk Street 8: Vooddale AVee <br />On called to order by President KcGuiro, ~~ll‘rnembess viere <br />found to be present, <br />Xinu%ca of regular raeeting keld on October 13tk and Special <br />meatfng hcld on October 22nd; verc read and approved. <br />A cormunicatlon from S’lm 5. Ziegler Company, offeripg Village <br />B wt of shoe pada for Village caterpillar tractor at a reauced price on account of being but cligktly worn ’(7as read. On motion <br />ViJ.l.~on, seconded Xoore, Trustee Prescot.L; act 88 comaittee to examine the pads offered and if found satiofactoty to advise <br />Zicglcr Camyny of OUF acceptance their proposition, carried. <br />;t of PJort2mes.t; Bell Telepbone Company for permission to <br />erect 23 poles in 1st Avenue from Empanger to Justron residence, <br />l.Q,polcc cmd. one anchor in first Avenue from JufiLrom to Rousar <br />zcsfdcncc and 6 poles and one axckor in road from Nousrzr to <br />Eard residence, near Sta,te Eighvay #5 vas received and read. <br />Gn, motion, Prescott, ~ seconded by ?7illson, request be granted, carried., <br />In t2c matter of coming Village Election to be held on December <br />4tb* 1928, it was umderstood Recorder, vould post necessary <br />ndtices,. er,m-n~:e for printing of brllots ctc, <br />agreed tht Trustees Prescott and He-imctnn and TTr Ruthledge Ss. r:ould acrve @,E; judges and. G,LSzchs and Larry Xanson to serve <br />Rccarder Koore offered a suggested ReaoLution reccivcd. froln <br />Lcap.~ of ITinnesota Efiunlcripalities as fsllona- <br />It was ~lso <br />~,a Cle~ka, of this election. --/-------- - -- -_ __I <br />-- Ba ft Rasol~red, that the Council of the Village ai’ Zd-Sna, .Eennepin County, Kinnesota, approve~l <br />1c~ialation.advocated by the League of i:fnnesotr! I~unicipalitieo which would” amend tLe preaent zoning <br />Ln~i applying to first class cities in order to per- <br />mil; all other cities and villages to pass zoning <br />Qsdinances <br />‘.?.%ermpon Xecosder lroore offered tke following suggested ResoL- <br />u-tibn llker~lae received from Lsaoie of IIinnssota Eunicipalitlee, <br />=-- % It - Racolveci, that the Council of the Village of %inz, bAennepin County, Kfnnesota, apgrovco le@ =La- <br />tian advocated by the Lea,gue of IJinnesota T.5anicipalitiss <br />+,a permit a,ll cities and villages to yass ordinances <br />c re 3“ t f ng pl anni ng c omii s s i on EI . <br />vfich uyon motion Preacott, seconded by Reimnnn, be adopted, c cCr i ed unmi n mi 9 1y <br />.A. cormunicatfan WLE read from Village Attorney, Eir GcorGe 17. <br />Stranqp enclosing copy. of a resolution, acceptable to the <br />Villn~e of ZTorningaide, Alderrilan ILU. S.Kjorlnug, of W.nneapolin, mfi Kr Il:cGi19 of ITinneapolis Street .Rnilvrzy Company, and <br />recsrrmenclcci it FE~sEE))~~. ,ril”ter discussion Recorder Eoore <br />offered above resolution as follons-