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The Regular meeting of tke Council of 'cke Village <br />of Edina, vias held on December 8th. 1928, in Grange <br />Ea11 at 2 Pa. <br />.. <br />.. <br />.. <br />The meeting vas: cal3.ed 36 ordoa: by President'TIcGuire, imd <br />an roll call the fol3.osing.vtere found to be present, <br />President XcGui-re, Trustees 4Ji11son, Prescotf; & Rcirmnn and Recorder Eooxe. <br />lrr J. Xoore, of Srookside ms present vritL deed conveying to <br />the. Village of Edina, for road purpose^, lot.24 and a 5 Soot <br />strip sunning parrallel to bo%., 24, of lots numbered 20-21-22 <br />23-25-26-51 and 32, Brookside Tsrrace, Auditor's Sub. #l76. <br />','!herein TrusteBc Prescott offered %be following 'reoolution, <br />W.ereas, Efr John Noore and otkers Pave delivered to the Villa@ RdcaMer, 8 aarranty deed to lot <br />24, togather'witk a 5 foot strip of lots 20-21-22- <br />23-25-26-31 2nd '32 running parallel vitk lot 24, in Auditor's Subdivision $176. <br />Wereas, said conrreyance is made for tke sole pur- <br />pose that the kmd EO conveyed shall be accepted, used <br />and dedicated for general road purposes. <br />Tkerafore, be it rgsolved that the Village Council. <br />of t1.e Village of Edina, accept said property on bel-alf of tke Village of Zdina, subject to tke above mentioned <br />provision. <br />The question being upon the adopti'on of the resolution <br />vherein thre vere 5 yeas and no nays as follows- <br />XcGuire, yea - ?'!illson, yea -. Preacott, yea - Reimann, <br />yes and Xoose yea, <br />A Cormittee Leaded by Kr Gamble, Ur Olson and otkmx, tms present <br />seeking Lo obtain .co-operation of Village ouncil, in effort to <br />obtain Kinneapolis City t7rzter to residents f Village of Zdina, <br />The committee was assured Council' 6 support and co-opesstion <br />with suggestion they present t1.e Village Council witb a petition <br />on 17hich it may act, <br />A letter vias read ,signed by Kr kcel 2, Carlstram and <br />a5 tl e Goa-ittee for BXtaokside residents, expressing tkeir <br /> for splendid co-operalion in successful endcayor to <br />remove a public nuisance from Brookside, nmelv t1.c side track <br />of t4 e Yinneapolis, Northfield tk Southern Pji - Ordered filed, <br />living on Vest side of France Avenue froui F 14 th. to 54th. StrectS, <br />f <br />S. J.Fmtsck;, <br />ICinutes of thc meeting&keld on SJbvember 10th and special rneet- <br />ing held on Xovember 23rd were. read and on notion Reimmn, <br />neconded by Villson, be approved as read, carried. <br />Receipts by Recordkr since lztst meeting nere as follovs <br />$12.00 from 12 candidates for filing fees Village Election. <br />48.00 from J.P.Asselin as Justice of tlie Peace 3cir <br />Village skare in fines collected. <br />c The following bills were upon due audit and being found correct, were upon. motion Prescott, . seconded by Reimann, be allowed and <br />ordered -paid, carried. -. <br />Tkndell Company Stencils, Ink E: Brush Lennepin County Review Published ITolices, Ballot8 <br />& Financial Statement <br />. If. G, Christiansen 42 Plurcbing Inspections <br />ÔéČIilZes-Dzvis Co Office &k Election supplies KinneapoZis G.E, Cornpany November Street LigLting RollEn Sand Bdg BlEE Co 65 yrd. road gravel delivered <br />. Thompson Lumber Co Grvasing planks <br />Alexander et Bradley Engineers services to date <br />!'i. F. Garvep Scythe & Bolts E* si. kerri 8 Gas 6'2 Oil for ltractor <br />e <br />continued top page 300 <br />..e <br />$8.20 <br />103*60 <br />42.00 <br />8.30 <br />66.20 <br />38,25 <br />15 12 <br />78.50 <br />9,09 <br />4.49