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Einutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Council of the Villase of hdfna, held <br />in Grange Hall., on October 21, 1930, at -53 PEL <br />,The meetins vas called to order by President KcGuire, the roll cas <br />called and all members of the Council vere found to be present. <br />The matter of 8a additional Village I,Tarahall%me before the CounciZ. and, there agpeared Oer H. Chelstrorn and H.S"loCnsey in person and applications in ariting from E. Remple, P.Dalgren and L. S'colman, <br />all seeking t'i-ie posf*bion of Village Earshall. After a short dis- <br />cussion @r the Council, it vas moved Reimann, that all applications <br />be refered to Traffic CommiLtee of the Council, seconded ljy Tillson <br />and carried. <br />Xr George Y~ssey and other residents of Adina appeared before the CouncII complainiw of the pollution of l?ine I3I-e Creek in Ldina, presumably caused by sanitary sevage or disposal plant discharge of Village of Hopkins into said creek. It t7as moved Yoore that <br />matter be refered to Village Health Officer for invest%Eatfon and <br />report to Council, seconded by 'Jillson and cerriedo <br />Bids vere opened persuant to Council resolution and as advertised jn HennepfP Cowity Revie57, for side~mUc on Hart& side 02 'Jes% 44th <br />Street lots 10 & 11, Yhielanls Bookaide, Curb & Gutter in and along ':!est side Irackey Avenue in front of lots 8-9-10-11 Q 12, and for sideT;lalk in front of lot 8 in block ? Srorrndsle Park, Addition; <br />and for sidezstrzUc: in and along Yest side €rooks Avenue in front of <br />lots 8-9-10-13. 6 12 in block 8 Browndale Park Addition. <br />Ti1 e folloving bids mere received <br />J.K.Seirup, <br />R .L1 J ens en I' 63 65# <br />Standard Sideiva2.k Q '?4$ <br />After discusskon it vas moved Prescott, inasriluch as the <br />seitgon for cenent ~rork vas n,oarly ended and aa ReLoJensen vas in pos-jtion Lo start; the vork Mediately, that the contract be awarded <br />to said R.L.Jensen, and that President and Eecorder be End hereby are enyoarered to arrange propex cont2ac.P; on behalf of the Village <br />sith said Jenrsen, seconded by Villson and carried. <br />The misceilaneous bills upon being found correct were on motion <br />Reimann, be alloned and ordered paid, seconded by Vi1lson and carried, They me 8s follovs <br />Gr egg s Faarmac y <br />T,% LIacek Edina Garree 5 gals gas <br />%-!'b Bell Telephone Co <br />C&G GI SSg per linear ft, Sideaalk 0 94-$# sq yd 0 90# I' If <br />8 99g I9 <br />*I 11 SI <br />If It 11 <br />Hedding Thtor SaXes Shock absorber compound 475 . <br />Village Earshall telephone Oct. 4.25 <br />Earrett Compzrir KP Tarvia 37 0 13 <br />Flash Light batteries e 30 <br />39 loads road gravel 9 050 <br />090 <br />Eoyt Lmdscape Ifurseries Przrkvay trees planted SS rd. 740 75 <br />Ziil er-&vis C 0 Mina Grocery <br />E . 17 .Ham is ISimeapolis G &*Co <br />3'. Garvey. Hennepin County nevien <br />Hennepin Covul'cy ";inno <br />Alf J ersIad <br />slection supplies a 40 <br />Police car 47 6 20 Hardslare supplies 5.95 <br />* ' ( ~c Enon0 u~1-1 :art in e-Ear tine) <br />Groceries for poor SepL-Octo L>5o 23 Sept. StreeZ; Sighting 406.87 <br />Gas 6 Oil for tractor and <br />Published Notic e 6.QQ <br />133 eo0 Poor Farm service June-Ju3y-llug <br />Sunnyside Ed & Grimes Ave Catch baoin €c tile $126.19 <br />129 feet CLG (Ass to Wird Xst) and 45 fee'c replacment OGS$ <br />Spl Officer E.: Play Grouns Insrt. <br />total 174 ft* f)113*10 139 29 <br />( Corrected ) 3000 <br />191 e 25 Sever Inspsctor p lest 50- ~t) <br />Total